Could Your College Resources Bring in More Income?

£ How tio generate income

Providers need more income .. this is one way it can be generated

My recent article in FE News resulted in several emails in my in tray.  In the article I proposed fast track courses plus a longer working day and year. I suggested that colleges should be fully utilised all year and not be effectively closed for the summer.

 Not all colleges will want to take this route but that begs a question.  

How are you going to make those expensive teaching resources produce more income?

It seems immoral to spend £tens of millions on new campuses that stand virtually empty for the best part of 20 weeks a year. But many colleges do.  

Of course you don’t necessarily need to run courses 48+ weeks a year to make full use of these resources. . 

 There is another way.

How to generate more income from provider resources

Valuable teaching resources can be made to generate an income when let to external bodies.  Many colleges let the odd room from time to time but I’m talking about letting everything for the whole summer .. and maybe even over Christmas.

Admittedly this isn’t simple, but if it were, everyone would be doing it.  College and simple have never gone hand in hand; running a college isn’t meant to be so simple that anyone can do it. 

However it isn’t so difficult if a few simple rules are followed. This is a common theme in the workshops being run at this years VenueMasters conference.  Dozens of colleges and universities will be attending the event, which this year is being held at Conference Aston in Birmingham.

As a guest speaker my theme focuses on How to get more business from internal markets”.  My experience is based on running many college based events, over many years,  ranging from magazine Readers Days and horse trials to leisure holidays for the over 50’s and national conferences.  Many of these also used residential accommodation, but that isn’t an essential requirement.  All events had a an internal genesis and all brought in considerable income in one form or other.

If you can’t wait for the Venue Masters conference in November feel free to contact me about the potential for raising income from your college resources, now.