College Kaizen

Did You Know Kaizen Principles Apply to Every Part of College Activity?

As you probably know Kaizen is Japanese for “change for the better.  However as a philosophy it has become the continuous process of changing for the better and the principle can be applied to colleges with great effect.

In fact many colleges already use it without knowing it.  For example if your marketing department is using Pay Per Click advertising they will have come across the opportunity to split test their adverts on the Google, Bing and Facebook advertising systems.  This allows them to test one advert against another and select the best performing.  They can then try another advert against the best performing and keep selecting the better performing advert in each case.

This is Kaizen.  Small incremental improvements in performance carried out on a continuous basis.

The example above is very easy and quick to undertake and can easily produce 50-100 % performance improvements in a week or less.  These are astounding figures but easy for any college to achieve with the minimum of training.

Kaizen works in every college department

What many people in FE don’t understand is that this principle can be applied to every single department and function in a college.  Small incremental improvements can are possible everywhere.

For example in one college they identified a problem in the admissions process.  A small improvement meant that the drop out rate between application and enrolment was diminished and 1.8% more students then converted from application to enrolment.  A small increase indeed, but project that onto total student numbers and it was worth £thousands in year one … and some of those students will go into year two and three and boost numbers and income still further.

We’ve also worked with colleges where improvements have been made to the estates and exams processes … and tens of thousands have been saved.

Want to explore if you can make improvements via Kaizen.  Then call me for a chat about our College Kaizen process.