Client Acquisition: How To Avoid Client Chasing

Client acquisistion isn't easy; unless you market effectively. Client Acquisition: Getting More Business Clients Can Be Hard When Your Emails and Phone Calls Don’t Get Answered.

So how do you get the clients without appearing desperate? Try this method of Client Acquisition

You know the situation. They ask for a proposal, you write and send it and then you can’t get an answer from them.

Sometimes their priorities have changed but often it is just that you keep missing one another.  When this happens you have to decide if you should give up or keep chasing.  But chasing looks desperate.

How to Avoid Client Chasing and Looking Desperate

There are several things you can do to avoid client chasing.

The first is rule setting at the initial meeting. You should aim to agree a specific follow up date and time when you’ll discuss next steps with them. By doing this you have established an agreed meeting or call time and place. So it would be downright rude if they don’t show up or answer your call. So you’re not chasing when you follow up.

Secondly, follow-up with a full stop. Don’t call and leave a message to say you’ll call back. Then call back to leave a message to say you’ll email them. Then email to say if you don’t hear from them you’ll call.

You’re conditioning them to expect you’re going to keep calling. So they don’t need to take any action themselves.

Instead, call once, and if you get their voicemail leave a polite message saying you haven’t heard from them, but if they want to discuss they can call you on such and such a number. If you don’t hear from them you’ll assume priorities have changed and you’ll close the file on this one.

Then the ball’s in their court. They can’t rely on you keeping calling back.

But the biggest, most important way of avoiding the chase is to have enough quality leads that you don’t have to worry if this one drops through.

If you don’t need this client to sign up, you won’t be so worried and keen to chase them.

And rather amazingly, they often pick up on that subconsciously and become rather more keen to chase you.

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