How to Choose the Right Bot For Your Business

Choose the right bot: There are so many to choose from but we can help you decide .. just contact us now. Choosing bot software can be problematic. Bots are still relatively new and the technology is still in its early stages. So which one should you choose? 

That’s a common question.  So How do you Choose the Right Bot For Your Business? It’s early days in the bot universe and so many developers are producing bots. So which one should we use?

There is not easy to answer. But here are some thoughts that will help you.

I’m not making my final choices yet. It’s too early in the game. My approach at present is to learn bot strategy with various pieces of software and be fluid about the choice of software longer term.

It’s like the early web days. None of the early systems are with us now. I started with Netscape and they were state of the art for a while. They no longer exist.

So tying yourself down to one type of web technology would have been a mistake. Learning strategy, including the web user psychology was key.

Choose the Right Bot Strategy

Ditto bots. Learn about the way people react and behave with them. Try a few different ones. Find one that works for you and your audience.

One thing is for sure. The technology you use today could be obsolete in 2-3 years …. but that is no reason not to start now. The early adopters will win this race.

What’s your Approach?

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