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Do You Think Geographically As Well as Demographically?

Location Marketing Google’s research indicates that four out of five people use search to find local information.

From our research, at ProviderMasterMind, we find that most FE providers get 70% or more of their web traffic Google.

Put these two findings together and it is clear that Location based searches are important and you need to consider this when producing web pages.

But it isn’t just on the web that this type of behaviour occurs.

For years we’ve advertised local courses, for individuals and businesses, in local printed media.   A lot of advertisers didn’t realise it but the ads that worked best carried the location in their headlines.  And if your name contained a location that was even better e.g. Mytown College or MyTownTraining.

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How To Use Animated Calls to Actions

How to get people to subscribe or enrol Getting prospects on your website from interested to enrolled is sometimes difficult.

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How To Attract Attention on Websites and Blogs

Moving images attract attention to our websites and blogs As a hunter gatherer species we are programmed to notice movement and that has a fundamental impact on our business marketing.

Of course there are hundreds of things that you can do to attract attention on websites,  blogs and adverts but I want to focus on just one that will make your post stand out from all the others.

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How to PREVENT traffic getting to your website

Yes, I know You Want Website Traffic.

SEO Infographic : How Effective Websites Ruin Your Fishing

But more traffic means more work and then you have no time to enjoy yourself.  So no fishing, tennis, golf, having a drink with friends .. all because your website is attracting traffic.

So, if yo want a quiet life .. and possible redundancy …. this is the infographic for you.

Click the Infographic to Enlarge it



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Being in the top 1%

pubbleOur partner, Pubble, who have created some incredible software used by colleges, have beaten off competition from 1,500 start-ups to be included in London Techstars’ 2014 cohort of just eleven Tech companies.

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How to Source Copyright Free Images Quickly

How do you source great images of Namibian Wildlife?Good images attract visitors to your website and are essential for most marketing materials.


But where to source them in a hurry .. when you don’t have time to arrange a photo shoot and image libraries are too expensive?

And what about the time it takes to find low cost or free images?  

Now there’s really quick and inexpensive way to find copyright free material.

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Royalty Free Photos

Giant Sand Dunes in Namibia Continuing the series focussing on where to get Royalty Free materials

PhotoDune is an Australian  site that carries over 4 million images.


The sand dune on this page is from my own library and demonstrates that there is still a place for using our own resources.

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Short Cut to Scripts and Snippets:

Get scripts and snippets of code to use or modify.

These scripts save time or generate new ideas … so use them as you see fit for all types of web and mobile projects.

Choose your code  …. from PHP, Javascript, ASP.NET, CSS, Plugins, HTML5 and Mobile

Go to Code Canyon


Wire Frames For Your Webpage Designs

Balsamiq is for designing wireframesWant to visualise or plan a new website, webpage or app?

Balsamiq is a piece of software that is used to create wireframes for webpages, mobiles, and a lot more.  Single user licences are only $79 at the time of writing, with free lifetime upgrades.

Many of my colleagues have downloaded it and found it invaluable.

Why not take a trial and see if it works for you?


The Digital Prospectus: What is it?

The term Digital Prospectus is frequently used but it seems to mean difference things to different people.

To some it means a prospectus pdf or page turner on a website; whilst to others it is something much more dramatic.  At this years AOC Digital Conference I  explained the concept as I understand it.

This short video encapsulates my thoughts into less than 5 minutes .. some feat when I’ve taken years to develop a concept that works extremely well.


Do Your Website Visitors Experience This?

Is your Online Student Application slick .. or a bit like the video below portrays? Just how bad can it be?

Do Employers leave your site in frustration BEFORE they contact your Business Development Team, enquire about courses or buy online courses?

This is Google Analytics in Real Life .. just as it happens on your website.

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Alternatives to a Hard Copy Prospectus

The cWhat alternatives to the printed prospectus exist?

It is easy to think digital .. but what about the practicalities, what are the alternatives to publishing a hard copy prospectus?

More and more providers are either relying totally on digital or blending digital with a reduced print run or smaller, less detailed, hard copy prospectus.

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Digital Prospectus at #AOCDE13 Websites & More

Does digital mean using  a websiteDoes producing a digital prospectus mean a fancy website?

An effective website is important for all sorts of reasons but not essential when producing a digital prospectus.

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AOC Digital: Live Report on Digital Prospectus Part 3

The College prospectus of the futureThe college prospectus of the future is going to be digital rather than paper based.

It is easy to assume this but is it so.  Even though most people are now able to access and use the web there is a strong psychological attachment to the touch and feel of a printed prospectus.  Digital is immediate and low cost; but it doesn’t touch all five senses.

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Live from AOC Digital: #AOCDE13 Prospectus History Dictates the Future

College prospectus historyPart two of the Digital Prospectus; Live from London addresses the history of the paper prospectus and the impact on digital.

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Live from London: #AOCDE13 The Digital Prospectus

The Digital Prospectus; is there an alternative? The following series of posts are taken from a presentation made on The Digital Prospectus at the AOC Digital Conference 2013.

They are being automatically posted in real time as the presentation takes place.  Such is the power of the web.

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Assessing & Removing Poor Quality Incoming Links

man with laptop computer How can I assess and remove poor quality incoming links (often called  backlinks)?

This is a question I’m often asked by FE clients and here are a few thoughts I share with them.

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The Perfect College Website

Do Perfect College Websites really exist?

Well the truth is a website is always a work in progress and can always be improved, but there are some good examples out there and this video training package will help you identify some of the factors you should be considering when seeking college website perfection.


Increasing Employer Sales: Ten Ways to Improve Sales to Employers

Improve your sales figures with these great sales ideasHow to Increase Sales to Employers

These ideas don’t only apply to the sales team, marketing need to embrace them as well.

I’ve Ten Simple Ideas that anyone can implement .. but you can’t do everything at once so I’m going to release these ideas over several months.

Your challenge is to deliver on two of these this week

Here are the first two ideas ..

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Advertising Secrets Webinar

Advertising Secrets webinar can be dowloaded hereA few weeks ago, after Marketing Secrets became an Amazon Best Seller, I was interviewed on a webinar by an old friend of mine, Mike Seddon.

During the webinar I go in depth into some of the Advertising Secrets from the book and reveal a few more secrets that never got published.

So let me encourage you to download the webinar to hear and see more.  Get  a download by clicking on the following link …. Advertising Secrets webinar  (takes you to


Why You Should Use Webinars to Market Your Provision

There is another reason why you should see this webinar.  It is just one example of one of the many video based tools that you should now be using to market your provision.

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