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Recurring Income Streams From Employer Based Curriculum

Recurring Income models for training providersDo You Need a Recurring Income Stream?


Employers want and need accredited courses.

Correct  …. but did you know employers also want and need non accredited courses?

This provides a recurring Income Stream Opportunity

The fact is that hundreds of thousands of employers and self employed people actually don’t need or want accredited courses.

What they want is to acquire a skill or knowledge they can implement right now.  That means they don’t want a September start. They want to start now.

Their need is for knowledge and/or skills right now. And they will pay for instant gratification. 

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Avoiding Webinar Technical Problems

I recently attended a webinar.  The content was very good .. but there were technical problems.

Webinar technical problems

Avoiding Webinar Technical Problems

A few minutes after it started the presenter changed screens but, sadly, the audience didn’t see the new screen.  We were left with a very good audio presentation of detailed screens we couldn’t see.

It was pity as people had cleared their diaries, booked onto the event, and were clearly interested.

Unfortunately this is not an infrequent webinar situation. But there is an answer.

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