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Can AI Be Used to Produce Videos?

Can AI Be Used to Produce Videos?As Bots, AI and Natural Language Sequencing Grows in Popularity, Can They Be Used to Produce Videos?

So to Answer the Question; Can AI Be Used to Produce Videos?

Yes, our AI powered bots are now producing videos. They use website copy to automatically produce the script and. They then select keywords from that script to select images from a vast collection of photos and can even find suitable music from similar music databases.

Over time the system’s AI learns to improve image selection.

These videos are ideal as video teasers to take someone from an online ad or social media to a full webpage where the sales funnel or conversion process can continue.

This type of video is proving very successful in attracting initial attention.

Where a longer video is required we recommend making a series of mini videos that can then be run in sequence. About one minute seems to be the ideal length for each min video.

Want to see the quality of these videos?

Here are a couple we made earlier.




Website Video Banners Are Key to Traffic and Dwell Time

Website Video Banners are easy with CoverrGrabbing Attention is Key to Video Traffic and Dwell Time. Website Video Banners Achieve This

The problem is you have to make a video, edit it, embed it on your website .. it all takes time.

But what if you could just download a video and drop it onto your website very quickly and easily?

That’s where Coverr comes in (have you noticed how so many of these sites end in a double R?)

Coverr provides both the video and the embed code .. so its much quicker and easier to embed and simple video and grab more eyeballs.


Almost Instant Video & Audio Transcriptions for FE

Audio Transcriptions: Rapid audio and video transcriptions Audio Transcriptions: Being able to post a transcription of a video, keynote speech or lecture has many benefits.

Cost has always been a factor in obtaining audio transcriptions as has making recordings. But the costs have now virtually disappeared and recording the words has never been easier.

Let’s take the words first.  The simple way to do this .. if you don’t have access to a lot of expensive kit is to use a mobile phone and a low cost Lavaliere microphone. I personally use the PRO70 (£111.28 the day I wrote this post), but there are other options.  Lavaliere mics plug into your Android or iPhone and will record either sound only, or sound and video.

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Learning New Marketing Tricks

They Say You Can’t Teach An Old Dog New Tricks

I disagree.

I could probably be described as an old dog but I love learning new tricks.  I love to learn how to market more effectively and with the rate that marketing technology is changing that means learning lots of new tricks.

But it needn’t be as time consuming or expensive to learn as many people think. In this video I show how I’ve taken one simple marketing channel and learnt more at no cost.  In this case it is how to use VFX .. Video Special Effects .  In this case I wanted to learn how to track moving images and add a special effect to them.  A few years ago this would have been difficult to do as each frame would have been dealt with separately. Now it is possible to automate the process and track a moving object for the whole clip length … and do it in minutes.

Learn more in the video below. View time .. less than 5 minutes 30 seconds


Animated Videos Attract Thousands of Students

Animated video is an excellent way to attract young people on FacebookAnimated Videos are being used by education and training providers to engage thousands of young people.  They are also being used to drive droves of employers to websites.



The secret they’ve discovered is how to use Animated Video on Facebook, where 50-70 second videos are being used to attract young people to a variety of careers.

Complex messages are also being simplified with the help of 100-120 second videos that are being posted on Facebook.  One recent campaign showed the two routes to HE.  One via A levels in a school Sixth form; the second being via vocational courses at the college, where the students would also gain practical experience and quals in an adult environment.

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YouTube Tips: Being Found in Google SERPS & Optimising Your Channel

image1403617527Are you using YouTube effectively?

There’s more to it than a corporate video .

The Facts about YouTube

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Simple Low Cost Animated Videos Really Engage Students

video is no longer expensiveWe used to be told that video was expensive.  We needed expensive cameras, a film crew,  and hi-tech editing suite.

Not now.

Below is an example of a video I made for a  provider on my iPad. (I’ve masked the sixth form college name as they’d probably prefer that you didn’t know how they are increasing their marketing ROI).

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Improve Your Marketing with Camtasia Studio

 camtasia studio for the production of video and screencastsWhat is Camtasia?



Although Camtasia Studio gets superb reviews from users and professional reviewers not many people in the education sector know it or use it.

They have really missed out on an excellent marketing tool.

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How to Market a College Restaurant, Cafe or Coffee Shop

Coffee is a key element of any restaurant marketing  strategyFE Staff tell me that they find marketing courses easier than

Marketing facilities like the College Restaurant.

I can understand that as I get a lot of enquiries from restaurant, cafe and coffee shop owners every month.

So to help them .. and you, here is a video in a series of short catering marketing videos.  Most marketing people should know all this, but a reminder does no harm. So why not show it to the curriculum staff responsible for the restaurant and build a dialogue around how to market their facilities? .

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PowerPoint Magic: Starting Embedded Videos with a Remote

Play videos in PowerPoint with a RemoteEver wanted to play a video in a PowerPoint presentation without the hassle of having to click onto the embedded video?

Moving to the next screen in PowerPoint is easy.  You just click the remote or mouse.

But somehow the default settings for playing a video don’t allow this. But what if you could just click your remote, without even pointing at the screen, and the video plays?

What if you could do this from anywhere in the room and the video plays?

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Making YouTube Links Clickable

YouTube tips for FHE Providersif you want people that find your video on YouTube your website easily find you there is a very simple way to do this.

For each video you put on YouTube ensure you add your url to the description box.

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Free Video Software from PowToons

PowToons software foer easy video making I’m often told that making video is a time consuming and very expensive process.

Wrong .. it needn’t be and here is the evidence.

Below is a video made with the free version of a piece of software called PowToons.  Continue reading


How to Promote YouTube Video More Effectively

What is Pubble YouTube screengrabYouTube SEO: How to Increase Views on YouTube

When we spend a lot of time and effort on creating a video we want it to get a lot of views.  So it is essential that when people see the video on our website they instinctively understand what it is about and want to click on it.

We need to SEO our YouTube videos and here is one of a dozen or more things you need to do.

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How to Optimise Your YouTube Channel

There are countless numbers of people producing videos, putting them on YouTube and then sitting back.  The reality is that if all you do is put a video on YouTube and embed it on your website you are missing out big time.

YouTube videos are now included in the standard Google search.  As mentioned in Recruitment Secrets, if you look for a topic like How to operate a cross cut radial saw you are likely to see a video featured in the results (when I searched for this topic I found a Warwickshire College video).

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Video Recruitment Secrets

FE News recruitment Secrets Video Recruitment Secrets: Are there any?

Yes absolutely.

The fact is most providers are spending a fortune on marketing …. a lot of it wasted, simply because they ignore marketing channels with demonstrably better ROI.

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FE Video Myths

Do you use YouTube: YouTube tips Here are a few of the MYTHS that stop far too many people using video to market their offer …


Myth 1.  You have to be in front of the camera!

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How to morph pictures in a video

morphThis quick demo shows how pictures can be morphed on video.

The software used is VideoScribe which is really low cost and can be used to make engaging video suitable for NEETS and employers .. try a test drive of VideoScribe and see what you think.


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