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How To Prevent Distractions

How to Prevent Distractions and Stay FocusedPrevent Distractions & Improve

Your Focus 

We all need to prevent distractions and sharpen our focus from time to time.  Distractions like email and social media are all around us and we need to stay sharp if we are to accomplish a days work.

If you are like me you will find it very easy to just check your emails when you are half way through a job.  Writing a short post like this ought to take minutes but can easily stretch into an hour if I get distracted.

Staying motivated is hard when the task is boring and not even that easy when the task is one we enjoy.  The reason?  We all have short attention spans and soon get distracted.

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Are You Using Auto-Research?

Using google Trends to boost Advertising and SalesNone of us have time to waste so automating certain tasks is an obvious way forward.

One such area is research.  Simple research tasks can be easily automated as the image on this page indicates.

I wanted to know if searches on Google for “Business Training” were static, on the up or nose diving.  This is how I did it.

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How to Prioritise Your Workload

Where do your priorities lie? Too much work? Prioritise it.

When the Olympic rowing team were preparing for competition they faced the priorities question many times. They had a very simple answer, that applies equally to Providers.

They recognised that they had one aim; to row faster than every other team. If they could do this they would win Gold. So their priorities were always addressed with the question, “Will it make the boat go faster?”. Continue reading


Saving Money by Outsourcing

How To Get Maximum Impact From Your Marketing Budget?

Budgets are tight and we are all expected to do more with less.   But how do you maintain quality and pay significantly less?

Let me give you an example of a situation where I reduced the cost of a design job by MORE THAN 90% and the quality was excellent.

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How to Source Copyright Free Images Quickly

How do you source great images of Namibian Wildlife?Good images attract visitors to your website and are essential for most marketing materials.


But where to source them in a hurry .. when you don’t have time to arrange a photo shoot and image libraries are too expensive?

And what about the time it takes to find low cost or free images?  

Now there’s really quick and inexpensive way to find copyright free material.

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Time Management: “Speed Read” the Videos You Need to Watch

Described as “Fast Forward Thinking” this is is a great way to manage your time.

If like me you have to preview loads of videos then this $29.99 product from Enounce allows you to  change the playback speed of Flash and HTML5 videos (and audios) without the “Chipmunk effect”

There’s a free trial so it is worth checking out. 


Being More Effective in Business & Personal Life

Some people fit loads in to a day and others seem to struggle to get anything done.

Why is this?

How do we overcome this problem and become less stressed out.

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How to Market a College When Your Budget is Reduced

A lot of colleges tell me their budgets have been cut, staff numbers reduced or both. So how can you maintain numbers or even increase them with fewer resources.

To discover the answer this video is a “must be viewed” starting point. Use to to focus on your response to this increasing problem … and if your budgets haven’t been cut use it to devise a way to increase the ROI of your existing resources.

Need help with your marketing? Call me for a chat .. it costs nothing to talk.


How to produce quick graphics .. with no graphics expertise.

old leather book graphic If you ever need to produce a cover for a virtual product it can take ages.  you need to produce an idea, brief the graphics people, they produce a draft, you make changes .. .. it can go backwards and forwards for hours or even longer.


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