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How To Promote Courses to Employers

Promote Courses: Employers will pay for unusual coursesDo you only offer the usual courses.  You know, the usual list of manual handling, health and safety courses, food hygiene and all those other courses you can find on 90-95% of provider websites?

This employer market is limited and incomes restricted.  

But there is another way where incomes and profit grow at an exponential rate.

You see while very few ever look beyond offering this shortlist and, if asked for something out of the ordinary,  just say they there is no call for it. The really smart providers do something entirely different.

They make significant profit.

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Creating Business Growth in FE

Creating Business GrowthCreating Business Growth: 21 Successful Marketers Reveal Their Top Business Marketing Secrets is my new marketing book.

Imagine if you could get marketing advice from over 20 leading marketing authorities, including a Professor who is a TED speaker, a former White House writer and several best selling authors that practice what they preach.  In fact these guys only teach a technique when they have used the technique for a long time and thoroughly tested it.

Read on to Get A Copy Of This Book

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AOC FE Business Development: How to Develop Your Marketing Strategies

At today’s AOC’s Business Development Conference I’ll explain how to develop a marketing strategy that will bring you more business from employers.

Slides from the session will be tweeted as I talk .. but to get the ideas behind the slides, and to ask your questions, attend the session at 3.30.

At the session you could also learn how to promote your employer events with love Tweets whilst talking to the audience! Now that’s magic!

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Mystery shoppers in FE

Mystery shopping for colleges Exciting new service launched!!!

Mystery Student Research

Do you really know what your students and non applicants think about your college? Our new ‘Mystery Student’ service provides insight to all aspects of your provision from the perspective of your students, their parents and your clients. You will be provided with a report identifying strengths and areas requiring improvement. Do you ever ask yourself if: Continue reading


Are You Commodity Providers or A Recognised Education or Skills Authority

Be recognised as an authority in your fieldIf you want to create a wave, get noticed, get web traffic and enquiries it pays to write a regular column.

It also pays to be recognised as an authority in your field as I point out in this article in FE News.


How to Market a College When Your Budget is Reduced

A lot of colleges tell me their budgets have been cut, staff numbers reduced or both. So how can you maintain numbers or even increase them with fewer resources.

To discover the answer this video is a “must be viewed” starting point. Use to to focus on your response to this increasing problem … and if your budgets haven’t been cut use it to devise a way to increase the ROI of your existing resources.

Need help with your marketing? Call me for a chat .. it costs nothing to talk.


How to Improve Your Marketing in Days

Your Marketing Effectiveness: How Can You Be Objective?

It is difficult isn’t it.  You are so closely involved .. it is your baby and you’d like to think it perfect.

But your marketing probably isn’t perfect.  No offence.   It is just a fact of life.

Marketing never is perfect.  Yours isn’t.  Mine isn’t.

So why not audit your marketing?  A confidential audit of course.  One that will help you to perfect your marketing and shine.

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How Many Applicants Will Convert & Enrol as Students?

Most providers I speak to tell me that applications are up this year. 

That is good news but my next question seems to stump far too many providers.

My question is …

What are you doing to ensure 100% conversion from applicants to enrolled student? 

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Are You Prepared for Demographic Change? #FE

Would a 31% increase in applications help?

Despite overall population rise, school leaver numbers are dropping.  They will continue to drop for several years. Funding is also on a downward trend and competition is on the rise.

  It is a complex picture but it means things are getting tougher and recruitment will get harder.

 So what are you doing to combat these problems?  What is your strategy? 

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