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Six SEO Things Google Doesn’t Care About

Can Anyone Guarantee Getting you On Page One of Google? How easy is it to get on Page One of Google? Google Doesn't CareSEO is a Black Art Laced with Science, Smoke, Mirrors and Things Google Doesn’t Care About.

Its easy to believe the old myths about SEO and what Google is looking for but most of this is pure myth.

The reality is that Google is looking for just one thing .. User Experience (UX).

If it provides searchers with a better UX then Google is interested  .. otherwise .. Google Doesn’t Care.

Check Out the Video to see the SEO Myths

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SEO: Can SEO Experts Guarantee Page One of Google?

Can Anyone Guarantee Getting you On Page One of Google? How easy is it to get on Page One of Google?Can Anyone Guarantee Getting You On Page One of Google?

That’s the question that James asked me. He asked having heard a SEO company were making such a  guarantee and he wanted my view on whether this was a credible situation. So Can Anyone Guarantee Page One of Google?

The answer is if you give me £1000 I will guarantee you a position on Page One of Google within the hour. But I have to say this is a poor offer as all I’ll do is write a Google Adwords ad and make my bid higher than anyone else. Continue reading


What’s Wrong With FE Websites?

What's Wrong With FE WebsitesWebsites Can Fail For Hundreds of Reasons. But Whatever the Reason Your Website Fails, It Can End Your Business and You Need to Know What’s Wrong With FE Websites?

Over the last ten years I’ve seen just about every website disaster ever inflicted on FE . In my latest FE Exclusive I reveal some of the worse.

Understanding Searcher Intent is Vital

Searcher Intent, What is It, How Do You Define Searcher Intent?Searcher Intent? What Do Online Searchers Intend

We read a lot about SEO and ensuring that we use the right keywords in our content to ensure we come high up on the Search Engine Results Pages.  But to do this, and get highly ranked, we need to know what the online searcher intent is.

Are they just merely curious, doing actual research, want to buy, want to recommend to a friend or something altogether different?  People’s intentions are not always obvious, so, when writing content, we need to make some assumptions if our webpage is to match their actual needs. Continue reading


How to Use “Keyword Modifiers” to Improve SEO

Sometimes Improving SEO is just a matter of tweaking existing content

So, if you have a webpage about First Aid courses you might modify the page title by adding the name of your town.


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How to PREVENT traffic getting to your website

Yes, I know You Want Website Traffic.

SEO Infographic : How Effective Websites Ruin Your Fishing

But more traffic means more work and then you have no time to enjoy yourself.  So no fishing, tennis, golf, having a drink with friends .. all because your website is attracting traffic.

So, if yo want a quiet life .. and possible redundancy …. this is the infographic for you.

Click the Infographic to Enlarge it



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Could Your Website Find the Milk?

Could your website find the milk?

Could your website find the milk?

Weird title ehhhh.

But it is a serious question. Can people find what they are looking for on your website .. in fact can they find your website listed in the search engine results for their search terms.

This amusing video explains it all … and if you want to know how to improve your website talk to my colleague Vernon about Google Analytics

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Assessing & Removing Poor Quality Incoming Links

man with laptop computer How can I assess and remove poor quality incoming links (often called  backlinks)?

This is a question I’m often asked by FE clients and here are a few thoughts I share with them.

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Google Analytics Workshop .. Content

 Google Analytics Workshop course contentCourse Objectives and Benefits

 Each course is designed to the specific needs of the audience taking into account their level of experience.  Typically the workshop will follow the outline below.

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How to Create a Landing Page

Without good landing page design your website will not maximise your recruitment opportunities

Every page on your website is technically a landing page.  But some pages are more important than others.   Your landing page is the first page people see when they come to your site from a search engine.  So it isn’t always your home page .. which is where most providers, understandably, put a lot of effort.

Are your landing pages converting?

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YouTube Keyword Changes

YouTube Keyword TagsYouTube has changed the way it wants you to separate Keywords and Keyword Phrases when you optimise your YouTube video and channel.

I often comment on how Google changes the detail behind its algorithms as many as 500 times  a year.  Despite the fact Google explain these changes as improvements they can be very confusing for many marketers.

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SEO: How to Use Your Competitors Site to Suggest Keywords

SEO first aid course search resultsThere comes a time when getting on Page One of Google is really hard. You know you have good products and services but your competitors keep beating you to the top spots on the SERPs (search engine report pages) and you need some help.

Here’s a great tip. The truth is it isn’t about your products and how good they are. It is about your webpages and how well they are optimised. So how do you see what they are using as keywords in their content? Continue reading


What is SEO?

SEOWe hear the term SEO so often, but what does it really mean?


Quite simply it is Search Engine Optimisation: in other words, how to get highly ranked on the major search engines.  It is all about the strategies and techniques you need to employ to get on Page One of Google and the other search engines, for the terms you want people to find you for.

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