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How to Get High Value Clients

How to Win High Value ClientsI Know Several Ways to Acquire New High Value Clients .. But Only One of Them Works

I’m not talking about acquiring students or low value commercial business. I mean the high value clients that bring in five or six figure sums.

The businesses that pay big money.

High Value Clients May Come From ..

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How to Ensure Your Customer Information is Current

Richard Atkins can be found by performing a Google SearchHow To Update Customer Information

We all know Customer Information or customer intelligence is vital. But keeping on top of change is hard.
For example how do you know what is happening in a customer’s business? Things like new staff, new premises, new products and services, new contracts plus all the problems they can encounter.

You could spend days each month checking for Customer Information in newspapers, websites, brochures, social media and much more .. and still not keep up on one customer. And what happens when you have 20 or even several hundred clients? Continue reading


How to Generate Higher Value Sales on Your Website

How to Generate Higher Value Sales on Your WebsiteHow to Generate Higher Value Employer Engagement Sales …

Using Figures on Your Course Pages is a Form of Anchoring That Can Be Used to Generate Higher Value Sales on a Website

I’ve talked about Anchoring [Tversky and Kahneman (1974)] in previous posts.

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The Power of Three in Sales & Marketing

The Power of Three in Sales and markletingThe Power of Three Makes Sales More Certain

The Power of Three is a very simple idea that can really provide improved sales and marketing results.

What is the Power of Three?

The power of three is simple, but lets start with the number one. When you offer people one option .. or a take it or leave it option .. they have no choice and there is a high chance you fail to make a sale.

But give people several options and the choice goes from deciding if they want your course to deciding which option they want.

Sadly FE rarely offers people options that could sell more. But they could if they follow this advice.

Examples of the Power of Three Options

Say you are selling a First Aid course. The Power of Three in Selling First Aid Courses

Lots of colleges sell these courses and buyers decide on location and price. Where several providers exist in a buyers area they then often buy based on price alone.

The Power of Three says you should offer the standard course at a given price but then offer two further options. These could be based on anything to providing free coffee and or lunch to things like online QA after the course. Continue reading


Follow Up Is a Very Effective Marketing & Sales Technique

follow up is a vital profit making skillFollow-up is a superb way to increase your sales and profits and is very easy to understand and undertake.

So lets start with the Follow Up basics.

You’ve met someone and they have shown genuine interest in what you have to offer.  You exchange cards and part company with promises to get back in touch. But clearly you will not be doing any business if you don’t get back in contact.

Sadly that is where many potential business opportunities fail.   No further contact is made.

Now it might be that you feel getting back in touch feels a bit pushy.  OK, but if you aren’t prepared to push at this stage there is no business to be had.  You have to make the effort to get back in touch.

This is how I do it.

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Data Wins Contracts and Budgets

Budgets are tight and Finance Directors are demanding evidence
before awarding contracts or budgets.

Internally you might find yourself having to justify existing budgets whilst externally getting that vital contract now means convincing your prospect and their FD.

So how do you convince people that you are right? Without evidence you are just another person with an opinion.  In fact ti is often worse, you are a sales person with an opinion and sales figures to hit. Continue reading


Don’t be Ashamed of Selling to Employers

Make sales, don't push impossible ideas up hill On July 1st I chaired the Apprenticeships for England Employer Engagement Event in Peterborough. It was a day of 10 minute presentations followed by debate, comment and discussion from the audience.


One idea put forward is that employers live in a world where sales is not a dirty word. It is what many of them do for a living. So we shouldn’t be ashamed of “selling” apprenticeships and we should stop trying to dress it up as something else.

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What is Your Prospects Trigger Point?

What will make your customer push the button and buy?How to identify buyer trigger points in FE


We all need a Trigger Point before we’ll buy.  Something that makes us reach for our cash or click the buy button.  

Sometimes the need is so obvious that we buy immediately because we either need or want the product or service. 

Other times we need a bit of a nudge to turn us from a prospective buyer to an actual customer.

We need to be converted from someone that didn’t previously have a pressing want or urgent need.

Our role in marketing and sales is often to move the prospect over the Rubicon and help them see that urgent need.

If we don’t all our previous efforts are wasted. 

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I2I Replaces B2B & B2C

Do Businesses Buy .. Or Do Individuals in Businesses Buy? In Marketing, Do Businesses Actually Exist?

I see a lot of talk of B2C and B2B marketing but I’m not sure either exists as such; especially B2B.

Buyers are always individuals and NEVER businesses in the strict sense.  The reason is simply that all business transactions (except where the computer says No) are actually  made by individual people.  People that have the same strengths and weaknesses as the rest of us.

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Thirteen Words To Land a Deal

13 words to seal a deal: Text, email or call.There are thirteen words that can land any deal that has stalled.

It might be a sale or a purchase but deals sometimes stall and although you mean to chase them up and get things moving again .. you don’t have time.

So use this 13 word email template and get things moving again .. the same words work in a phone call or text message.

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Negotiation Tips: Be Curious

I'm curious .... curiosity questions are non threatening I’ve a friend who is a curious man.

No, I’m not being rude .. it is what he often says when negotiating.

He’ll say things like “I am curious about why you want this by month end”, “I’m curious why you want that quantity” or “I’m curious why you made that decision”.

His curiosity is almost childlike. But in the same way we tolerate children and their questions .. and even answer them .. he is able to ask really difficult questions without appearing rude or threatening.

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The Customer FLOW Process

The Customer FLOW process Delivers Customers Every Day  .. Like a Waterfall Delivers Water Is Your Customer Acquisition and Sales Process Reactive or Proactive?

Reactive systems are fine when they send you a steady flow of new and repeat customers but they are unreliable and frequently fail.

Proactive customer acquisition and sales processes are reliable, predictable and mean you get less stressed about hitting our targets.

The system I prefer is called FLOW, which stand s for:

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What the Wall Street Journal’s Sales Letter can Teach us in FE

sales letters ework when sent by email or snail mailSales Letters Aren’t Dead .. Even in the Digital Age

In fact in many ways sales letters are more important than ever for one simple reason.  They work.

And actually today you have two options to choose from.  You can send them by snail mail or by email.  Both work.

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Selling to Corporates v SMEs

Making Sales to Corporates Selling to corporates is often seen as being different to selling to SMEs. But is it?

Of course corporates are much bigger and it can be quite overwhelming when first called to present to a corporate.   But there is one fundamental similarity.

In both cases you are dealing with human beings. People just like you and me.

And the experience needn’t be like the image above. Continue reading


How to Increase Sales; Part 2

How to negotiate without emotionPart Two of the Ten Ways To Improve Sales to Employers

Last month I covered two sales essentials – the fact you should  ask for the business and need to have a value based elevator pitch (plus the fact you need to carry out research).

This month I’ve two more suggestions you can adopt.


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Increasing Employer Sales: Ten Ways to Improve Sales to Employers

Improve your sales figures with these great sales ideasHow to Increase Sales to Employers

These ideas don’t only apply to the sales team, marketing need to embrace them as well.

I’ve Ten Simple Ideas that anyone can implement .. but you can’t do everything at once so I’m going to release these ideas over several months.

Your challenge is to deliver on two of these this week

Here are the first two ideas ..

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Sherlocking for Sales and Sponsorship

Binoculars are used to searchSherlocking, or Researching, your Prospects is a Powerful Technique

If you want good results when meeting someone for the first time, you need to “Sherlock”.

Maybe you are meeting a new contact, prospect, potential sponsor, stakeholder or interviewing a potential employee (or applying for a job!).  Whatever it is you need carry out some basic research on them.  In the same way that Sherlock Holmes determined a lot about people by looking for subtle clues you need to seek clues of your own.  If you do you’ll be better prepared and the meeting is likely to be far more successful .. and the good news is most of the clues aren’t subtle, they are obvious.

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Elevator Pitches Are About Value: What VALUE Do You Offer

Most Elevator Pitches Are A Waste of Time

There was time when we were all encouraged to have a 30 second elevator pitch ….. and they were usually very dreary and dull.  Today people use variations of the same theme .. even if they don’t realise it.

Go to any networking or similar event and you’ll hear people asking “What do you do?”  Often the answer is something like “I’m Fred (or Mary) and I’m Managing Director of Widgets Ltd.  We are an innovative, leading edge widget agency with a client base spanning five continents> Our colour process technology is awesome and ……… ”

So what did Fred or Mary tell us?

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Negotiation Tips: Time Is On Your Side, Use It

£or$When buying, time is usually on your side.  Very rarely do you need to buy high ticket items instantly.

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Power Words to Use in Your Copy

All about power words in Marketing & SalesWhen writing copy it is important to realise how powerful and yet subtle words can be.

Try split testing your copy to see what works best in a given situation and go with the word combinations that give you the best results in that given situation.

Below are a selection of ten words that I’ve found effective in the copy I’ve written .. in some cases changing one word in a headline, opening para or call to action can result in a ten fold increase in the results.

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