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Are You Measuring What Matters Most; Or What is Easy?

Get ALL your stats in one place. Marketers: Do you Measure What’s Easy or What Matters?

Getting stats on social media and your website is easy.   Facebook, Twitter and all the other sites provide metrics on likes, followers, etc.  Some of these matter and some don’t.

Arguably an application on your website matters more than a like on Facebook and it is measurable with Google Analytics.  But what about the other things that matter but aren’t easy to measure?  Should you really ignore them?

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FE & Railway Station Adverts: Effective or a Money Wasting Idea?

20130603_151417I’m seeing an increasing number of FE establishments advertising on the railways.

Some sponsor the station itself, some grab all the advertising space at their nearest underground and some just dot ads close to local stations.

In all cases the argument is that of footfall.  A lot of people use stations I’m told.  I’m told they’ll see the ads as they wait or get off of trains. Well on that basis a lot of people use motorways so ads on or near slip roads also makes sense.

Is rail station advertising a good use of the marketing budget? Could we make some budget savings here?

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