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How to Market a College Restaurant or Cafe

So How Do You Market a College Restaurant or Cafe to Either The Public or Students?

Marketing departments usually focus on marketing to prospective students and sometimes don’t spend long enough on marketing the facilities such as Catering and Hospitality’s Restaurant, Coffee Shop or Cafe.

This podcast will explain how cafes, tea shops and restaurants market themselves. The strategies and tactics mentioned can be used in colleges just as well as elsewhere.

The content of this audio was first broadcast on DublinSouth FM and was subsequently made into a podcast.


How to Market a College Restaurant To Boost Profits & Recruitment

How to Market a College Restaurant Marketing a College Restaurant: This is Often Low Down on the Priority List in Many Colleges. But When You Effectively Promote the College Restaurant The ROI is Huge

To simplify the college restaurant marketing process I use  simple templates to determine answers to a series of questions that lead towards the marketing plan. The templates vary from college to college but you’ll get a feel of what I’m looking for from these typical questions. See Below …. Continue reading


Generating Income, FE Space Utilisation & Pop Up Restaurants

Pop Up Restaurants Make MoneyGenerating More Income in FE isn’t Always Easy

…. but that is usually due to our mindset.

One major asset we have is space .. and it is worth money but not if we think about it in the wrong way.

You see we think about space in terms of how we would normally use it and can’t see beyond this.

But turn your thoughts upside down and look at the space in a different way.

The space doesn’t need using for its original purpose.  It’s just space and can be used for a myriad of purposes.

Link your space to a local or national event and marvelous things happen.

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What the Wall Street Journal’s Sales Letter can Teach us in FE

sales letters ework when sent by email or snail mailSales Letters Aren’t Dead .. Even in the Digital Age

In fact in many ways sales letters are more important than ever for one simple reason.  They work.

And actually today you have two options to choose from.  You can send them by snail mail or by email.  Both work.

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How to Market a College Restaurant, Cafe or Coffee Shop

Coffee is a key element of any restaurant marketing  strategyFE Staff tell me that they find marketing courses easier than

Marketing facilities like the College Restaurant.

I can understand that as I get a lot of enquiries from restaurant, cafe and coffee shop owners every month.

So to help them .. and you, here is a video in a series of short catering marketing videos.  Most marketing people should know all this, but a reminder does no harm. So why not show it to the curriculum staff responsible for the restaurant and build a dialogue around how to market their facilities? .

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How To Market Your Restaurant or Coffee Shop

Singapore noodlesBehind every college restaurant is a dream. A dream where people book weeks in advance, every table is full, the food and service is brilliant and the profits roll in.

The truth is often different. The restaurant business is tough. There is competition on every corner and however good your food and service might be you have to be brilliant at marketing as well.

Having a restaurant in an FE establishment doesn’t make you immune to these problems.  If anything it makes it harder.

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Tell a Story …. to Market Your Restaurant.

Restaurant Marketing Use your loaf and sell the flourPeople love stories and local artisan produce  …. and this can help you sell your restaurant.

The image on this page is a perfect example of how my local pub does this and you can adapt this idea.

Around the pub they have quality posters that explain how their bread is made from local flour milled by a local miller and eaten by local people.

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