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Stefan Drew on The Magic of Specialising

Setting up a new business doesn’t happen just like that.

A degree of specialisation is needed. But what can you specialise in and did we all start that way?


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Generating Income, FE Space Utilisation & Pop Up Restaurants

Pop Up Restaurants Make MoneyGenerating More Income in FE isn’t Always Easy

…. but that is usually due to our mindset.

One major asset we have is space .. and it is worth money but not if we think about it in the wrong way.

You see we think about space in terms of how we would normally use it and can’t see beyond this.

But turn your thoughts upside down and look at the space in a different way.

The space doesn’t need using for its original purpose.  It’s just space and can be used for a myriad of purposes.

Link your space to a local or national event and marvelous things happen.

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How to download virtually anything with no password hassles

Internet Download Manager is my secret shareware weapon when I want to download a video, image or file from a webpage in super quick time.   Even if they are password protected, IDM lets you download all types of file and it is very fast.   Provided you can see the page then you can download it.

Now at this stage I must warn you about downloading and stealing other people’s work.  That isn’t on.

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How to Plot Student Recruitment Location Data onto Maps

Plotting postcodes on maps is easy with ZeeMaps

Plotting student’s home postcodes on a map is easy. All you need is a spreadsheet and free access to ZeeMaps

Where do your students come from?

Which areas are fertile for recruitment, which recruit well, but leak numbers at enrolment

Are bus and train routes proving a problem?

Which schools provide adequate numbers of student?

These are all valid questions that plotting student data on to maps can help you answer.  Use the wrong system and you’ll pay a lot of money.  Choose wisely and the cost is zero.

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Drawings for PowerPoint, Newsletters, Email or Video

Use line drawings to attract attention to website postsIn a previous post I have demonstrated how to produce videos really quickly and at low cost (or even free) by using software from PowToons.

Here is another reason to look at PowToons and similar video systems.  You can buy those really cute and effective little line and 3D drawings for use in videos, newsletters, websites etc.

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Audacity: A FHE Resource

Audacity audio recording and editing software screengrabAudacity is a free audio recording and editing software system for use on computers of all sorts .. laptops, desktops, tablets etc …

Audacity is a resource I use nearly everyday for recording and editing sound for audio broadcasts, podcasts, video etc.

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Resources for Members

The following software, websites, tools and other resources are in addition to those shown in the public area.

I use Typepad to produce Typepad is similar to WordPress but has fewer “plugins”.  In some ways it is less complicated to use; but against that I find WordPress more flexible.  Both have their place in my marketing .. go to the site and judge for your self. Gooogle Typepad to discover more.

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