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Pricing Psychology: How to Use Number Facts to Increase Sales

Pricing Psychology Can be Used to Increase Sales. The Technique Described in this Video Uses the Psychology Surrounding “Number Facts” to Maximise Sales

Research shows that our brains are hardwired with mathematical and arithmetical facts learnt in our first school years. This makes the processing of numbers much easier when we are presented with a limited number of related figures (operands).

The impact of sales, both on and off line can be significant if this strategy  is sensitively applied.


Could Numbers Be Gender Specific?

Research by Wilkie & Bodenhausen (2015) Indicates That Numbers Are Gender Specific

My gut reaction was that this was highly unlikely. But then I thought some more.

My logic was that if this were true then it might influence how we use numbers to influence the purchase of courses .. especially online.

So I’m conducting some research of my own. It’s only a simple one question survey but it will cast more light on the question.

Answer this single question and I’ll explain the rationale as soon as I have some results.

Click the link below to see the question

Numbers & Gender Research


Are You Using Auto-Research?

Using google Trends to boost Advertising and SalesNone of us have time to waste so automating certain tasks is an obvious way forward.

One such area is research.  Simple research tasks can be easily automated as the image on this page indicates.

I wanted to know if searches on Google for “Business Training” were static, on the up or nose diving.  This is how I did it.

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Using Facebook as a Research Tool

Data capture is at the heart of Facebook advertisingIf you’ve been using Facebook ads for more than 24 hours you have a wealth of prospect data

Most people either don’t know about this or don’t bother with it.

That is a mistake.  

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How to Improve Your Marketing in Days

Your Marketing Effectiveness: How Can You Be Objective?

It is difficult isn’t it.  You are so closely involved .. it is your baby and you’d like to think it perfect.

But your marketing probably isn’t perfect.  No offence.   It is just a fact of life.

Marketing never is perfect.  Yours isn’t.  Mine isn’t.

So why not audit your marketing?  A confidential audit of course.  One that will help you to perfect your marketing and shine.

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Copyright Free Images

Mars copyright free pictureDo you need copyright free pictures for your website  or publications?

US Market scene


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School data: How are your feeder schools performing?

Ofsted school data Discover School Data

If you need to know how local schools are performing against national benchmarks try the Ofsted Dashboard