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How to Get Star Ratings in Google Search Results

Get Star Ratings in Google Search Results ...Five Stars Results on Google Search Helps Gain SERPS Points

Five Star Results .. Click to Enlarge

Ever Wondered How to Get Star Ratings in Google Search Results?


Well it  is Easier Than You Might Think. You Can Get Star Ratings in Google Search Results for Your Products, Services or You Personally if You Follow The Instructions Below.

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Crisis Management, PR & The Streisand Effect

Every Provider Needs a Crisis Management Plan & They Need To Consider The Streisand Effect

Things go wrong every day.  Sometimes this hits social media or the conventional media and it is tempting to try and control a potential crisis.  But trying to manage bad news can aggravate the situation.  And the outcome is often called the Streisand Effect.

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More on Newsjacking

How to Use Newsjacking to Reach Your Audience

I’ve written previously about how newsjacking can help you raise your profile and piggyback the latest big news story previously.  For example I helped one college piggyback the London Met student visa story and get a lot of PR value.

The important thing to know about newsjacking is that there is more than one way to newsjack a story.  Originally newsjacking was only about piggybacking big stories via social media.  Today I use it is it in lots of ways and often put traditonal media in to the mix alongside social media.

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Royal Baby Advertising Angles

This is an example of a picture used on a jackverted ad on FacebookIn case you haven’t noticed there is a new royal baby.  As I write a name for the baby is yet to be announced, but we know it is a boy.

Notice the blue cast to the ad.  A pink cast, for a girl, could have been just as easy to arrange.

Jackverting ad on FacebookSo how are you capitalising on this story?   I’m doing what I call Jackverting.

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Being Noticed by the Media

How to get in the media Getting Noticed by the Media .. for the right reasons … is something all PR professionals want.

It normally means writing loads of media releases in the hope that a good percentage get used by the media.

Inevitably that means some of the PR effort falls on stony ground and is lost.  I well remember having some real good stories that were spiked after world events take control.  In March 2002 I planned a really great story.  It focused on an event that took place on the last Saturday in the month .. my front page story died when the Queen Mother died late that afternoon.

This is how you overcome the problem.

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Employer Engagement: the secrets behind media coverage

Getting in the media is a marketing essential for all providers.  My recent article in FENews reveals some of my PR Secrets


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