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Does Your Agency Tie You into PPC by using their platform and not yours?

Valuable data shouldnt be given away to PPC agencies PPC Agencies Can Save Time & Money Or Tie YOU into Their Advertising System Without Escape

I see plenty of instances where providers are using marketing and PPC Agencies. Sometimes the results are good, sometimes not very good at all. But there is something that many providers miss when signing up to an agency. It is who owns and controls the data that is being gathered and the results of all the money you spend on ads.

It works like this. To place PPC ads you need an account. The account is the platform where all ads are placed and the results are stored. These results are powerful. They enable us to determine what to tweak, what to improve and what worked well. They also allow us to re-run successful ads at any time in the future.

So ownership of the platform is vital.

The problem is many agencies prefer to run your ads on THEIR platform. That means you have no access to YOUR results. You are therefore tied to them for future advertising. Of course, they don’t tell you this at the outset. And if you query it they tell you all sorts of stories about h0ow using their platform is lower cost, that it is optimised and other bullshit.

Protect Yourself from Unscrupulous PPC Agencies

YOUR Data is valuable. Ensure you keep hold of it and never allow an agency to steal it or control it.

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Facebook Have Improved Their Advertising Options

Improved Facebook Advertising with Image SlidersFacebook recently changed their advertising to allow you to promote more than one product (course) or key message in one advert.

For example the adverts opposite use different images to promote a series of equine interests and hence key messages.

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How to turn off the Mobile ads function on Google Ads

custom_smart_phone_categories_12848(1)A few months ago Google made a few changes and put the Google Ads focus on mobile.

The problem is not everyone wants to promote to mobile users all the time.  In fact it makes great sense to split test between desktop and mobile users in many cases.

So how do you turn off mobile ads (Google don’t make this very easy)?

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Advertising Cost Gender Bias

Advertising costs vary by gender targetHave you noticed that the cost of advertising to women and men is different.

I don’t mean traditional advertising in the printed media or on outdoor sites.  I mean PPC; where you precisely target ads by age, interest, location, gender etc.


Gender Based Case Study from Facebook

Consider the Facebook Newsfeed campaign I’m presently running.

My objective is to get people to click through to a landing page on my website.  But I’m split testing,  i.e. I use the same image and copy and and the same target criteria but run two versions of the advert.  The difference between the versions is gender based.

The results are interesting.  The ad where I target females gets more than double the number of clicks than the same advert targeted at males.  The other difference is cost.  I’m charged approx 50% less for clicks where the ads target females.

But it isn’t that simple …

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Adwords has been Enhanced

Enhanced adwordsWant to focus on mobile based advertising?

Well your wish has been answered.  Google Adwords has been enhanced and targeting mobile devices is now much easier.

Enhanced Adwords started being rolled out to all accounts, that hadn’t previously manually upgraded, on July 22nd.  So your ads are quite likely already affected.

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Adwords: Writing Longer Headlines

Adwords adverts for employer engagemment strategiesLonger headlines on the Search Engine Results Pages give higher click through rates.

Long headline iin Adwords Employer Engagement Strategies advertConsider these two adverts.

Which will work best?

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