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How to Use iMindMap 10 for Project Planning

iMindMap 10 is what i recommend for quck and easy project managementKeeping Track of Projects is Hard Unless You Automate The Process …Try Using iMindMap

If you are like me you will be involved in some sort of campaign, project or process everyday. Often we are involved in several projects or campaigns at any one time. Currently I’m involved in at least a dozen!  Keeping on top of that amount of work is really hard. Ensuring others keep on top of what they need to do is even harder.

So I’m delighted to see a new tool that is both affordable and easy to use. Continue reading


How to Ensure Your Customer Information is Current

Richard Atkins can be found by performing a Google SearchHow To Update Customer Information

We all know Customer Information or customer intelligence is vital. But keeping on top of change is hard.
For example how do you know what is happening in a customer’s business? Things like new staff, new premises, new products and services, new contracts plus all the problems they can encounter.

You could spend days each month checking for Customer Information in newspapers, websites, brochures, social media and much more .. and still not keep up on one customer. And what happens when you have 20 or even several hundred clients? Continue reading


Live from the #DiscoveringFutures event at the Magic Circle

planning is essential in social mediaThis post is being sent live from the #DiscoveringFutures

event in London.


The event is being held at the Magic Circle and has delegates from the UK, Eire and Denmark.

So let’s get down to business ….  

I believe there are two very dangerous things in life. 

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Training & Planning Techniques from the San People

For 2000 years the San people of Namibia have depended on accurately recording data. Their methods are quite sophisticated.

Watch this short video and learn how they record data, use it to train young people and use it to plan their nomadic existence.

It will remind you of a few good lessons we can all learn from “primitive” cultures.