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Model Release Forms on Your Phone

Model release forms are essential if you want to avoid legal issuesGetting the Permission of the People You Photograph with a Model Release Form is Essential

But we all know the hassle getting model release forms signed can be. So what if you could just use a phone app to get permissions signed just like that?

Magic ehh.

Well its now possible. For just £9.99 Easy Release is available for both Android and iPhones.

The app enables you to edit a full standard release to a specific photo shoot, for either a model or property, on your screen, get it signed, and then send a pdf or jpeg copy to an email address of Dropbox.

So all releases are saved to one location that is easy to check at a later date by date or whatever.

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How to Source Copyright Free Images Quickly

How do you source great images of Namibian Wildlife?Good images attract visitors to your website and are essential for most marketing materials.


But where to source them in a hurry .. when you don’t have time to arrange a photo shoot and image libraries are too expensive?

And what about the time it takes to find low cost or free images?  

Now there’s really quick and inexpensive way to find copyright free material.

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Copyright Free Images

Mars copyright free pictureDo you need copyright free pictures for your website  or publications?

US Market scene


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