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Are You Answering Your Phone?

Do yopu answer your phones? Unanswered Phones Represent the Biggest Marketing & Recruitment Leakage in FE

I’ve written about unanswered phones before. It is no good spending £000s on marketing only to ignore the calls when a prospective student calls.

Sadly the blight of unanswered calls continues. In the last two weeks, I’ve repeatedly called two providers that have failed to answer. One just lets the phone ring and ring without going to answerphone. The other plays back testimonials (with background noise) for several minutes before saying it has not been possible to connect you and cutting the call. Continue reading


Ofsted Inspection: Are Your Meetings Ofsted Compliant?

Ofsted inspections and meetings Are You Wasting Time With Meetings? Or are they helping your Ofsted Inspection results?

People tell me that when I’m working as an interim I am very productive.
One reason for this is that I don’t waste time at meetings.  But I do think about Ofsted Inspections.

It isn’t that I don’t go to meetings; some are essential. But holding a meeting just because you always hold a meeting at this time of the week isn’t a great idea.

In the video below I share a few thoughts on the use of meetings in FE .. especially in the context of Ofsted Inspections. . The video was first seen on my FE News column .. but it contains so much important information that I wanted to give more people the chance to see it.


Ofsted To Inspect Marketing

How Would Your Marketing Stand Up to An Ofsted Inspection?

Read my latest article for FE News on Ofsted Inspections of Marketing


How To Avoid Ofsted Intevention

Danger Ofsted Inspection: how to avoid Ofsted inspectionsAs Sure as Death and Taxes

That’s what one provider told me about Ofsted.

Yes, Ofsted will inspect but you can decrease the worse type of Inspection by taking some simple precautions.

Some providers seem to get more than their “fair share” of Ofsted Inspections.  Or are they more than they deserve?     If you break the basic “rules” as laid out by the FE Commissioner then you can expect attention.

But knowing the rules it is much easier to avoid additional Inspections.  I explain how in a FE News Exclusive entitled …..

Avoiding Ofsted intervention