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Martin Doel on Area Reviews and the Future of FE

Martin Doel on FEs Future Has FE a future?  Will Area Reviews ring the death knell or a new future?

Hear what Martin Doel told us at the AOC conference


The Prospectus in the Digital Age

Hartpury prospectus circa 1990The Prospectus is a Major FHE Marketing Expense.

Major costs are incurred in aggregating the course and other information required.  More costs are incurred in designing the hard copy publication. Printing is a huge cost.  And distribution, especially via the post, can add another huge bill to the total cost.

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Putting it simply! Basics that go wrong – all the time!

MVJ logoPutting it simply!

Basics that go wrong – all the time!

Morgan Vincent Jones (MVJ) Associates

Sponsored by Shakespeare Martineau

Sharing information on getting the basics right and lessons learned from experts in the field.

Inputs from:

Stefan Drew – Further education marketing specialist and best-selling author

Colin Evans – Former inspector and highly experienced sector guru

Mel Hollands – Apprenticeships and work based learning consultant

Rachel Jones – Funding and data specialist and former Vice Principal

Ioan Morgan – Leadership and management, values, behaviour and recovery expert and former college Principal.

Allan Shaw – Maths and English Consultant, experienced inspector and former acting Principal.

Lawrence Vincent – International student, governance specialist and former Principal.

MVJ is a partnership between:

Ioan Morgan CBE, a Principal with 30 years’ experience of leading outstanding colleges and former Chair of the 157 Group;

Dr Lawrence Vincent, the recently retired Principal of Bournemouth and Poole College with a wealth of experience with growing international work and is the Author of “10 Difficult Questions No Principal Wants To Be Asked”; and

Rachel Jones, a data and funding expert and is the turn to consultant for colleges refining their data, and a former Vice Principal.

Date: Friday October 23rd 2015 – 10 am- 2pm

At: Shakespeare Martineau:No 1 Colmore Square, Birmingham, B4 6AA

Cost: £25.00 per person RSVP:

To book then please contact stacie-shakespeare@live.comShakespeare logo


How To Improve Customer Service

A smile is essential for good customer serviceStart with a Smile

Smiles are free.  They are also the best Marketing & Sales tool ever devised.  But they have to be genuine.  Forced smiles are sensed by customers as soon as seen.

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Recruitment Advertising Made Simple

Does Recruitment Concern You?

Does Your HR Team Struggle to Find the Right Candidates?

We are know working with FE Careers on a way to make recruitment advertising far simpler and much more effective.

These HR Recruitment videos are an extension of the popular student recruitment videos we have made for providers.

They can be used to great effect on websites and social media.

Why not watch the video and decide for yourself.


EventBrite Saves Time and is Free to Use for Provider Open Days & Events

EventBrite is Free For Free Events Using EventBrite is a No-Brainer for Provider Events.

I’m quite surprised how few providers use EventBrite when the benefits are considered.

For me it started with being a queue buster at events.  One of my clients had really long queues at events because they insisted on capturing loads of data on the prospective students.

This created several problems.

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Simple Low Cost Animated Videos Really Engage Students

video is no longer expensiveWe used to be told that video was expensive.  We needed expensive cameras, a film crew,  and hi-tech editing suite.

Not now.

Below is an example of a video I made for a  provider on my iPad. (I’ve masked the sixth form college name as they’d probably prefer that you didn’t know how they are increasing their marketing ROI).

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To get the best fee you need to negotiate

negtiation skills are vital In Sales Negotiation Skills are Vital

But do you regularly research your prospects, plan, LISTEN, and propose value based fees.


PR is About Reputation

PR is about reputation PR isn’t a game played with journalists.

PR is about Reputation.

Reputations take years to build but you can lose them in seconds.  Think Gerald Ratner!


FE News: Every College Has a Bottleneck

In this months ProviderMastermind column on FE News we look at the constraints or bottlenecks that colleges experience (often unknowingly).

Unrecognised  constraints can have a huge impact on their ability to recruit, retain students and on overall income generation.

To read more visit Every College Has a Bottleneck


Could Your College Resources Bring in More Income?

£ How tio generate income

Providers need more income .. this is one way it can be generated

My recent article in FE News resulted in several emails in my in tray.  In the article I proposed fast track courses plus a longer working day and year. I suggested that colleges should be fully utilised all year and not be effectively closed for the summer.

 Not all colleges will want to take this route but that begs a question.  

How are you going to make those expensive teaching resources produce more income?

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How to Improve Your Marketing in Days

Your Marketing Effectiveness: How Can You Be Objective?

It is difficult isn’t it.  You are so closely involved .. it is your baby and you’d like to think it perfect.

But your marketing probably isn’t perfect.  No offence.   It is just a fact of life.

Marketing never is perfect.  Yours isn’t.  Mine isn’t.

So why not audit your marketing?  A confidential audit of course.  One that will help you to perfect your marketing and shine.

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