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Direct From London 2014: Defining Your FHE Strategy

How do you define strategy?London FHE Marketing & Business Development 2014 was a closed door event I recently held for invited guests only.

But there are some topics I wanted to share with you personally.


The first is about Strategy.  This is a word that is often bandied about but rarely understood.   People often show me their business or marketing strategies and they are often weighty tomes.

Often the strategies I’m shown are more like wish list and say things like “We want to be the provider of choice for local SMEs by September 2015”. Continue reading


Business Development & Marketing Insights

Sometimes it’s worth looking outside our own sector to see what others are doing.

Here’s a short video demonstrating an innovative idea an Australian charity used to grab the attention of  potential corporate donors.   I’m not sure you could exactly copy this in FE but it does made me think about other ways to attract attention.

How will you use this idea to make contact with potential clients?

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Objective Reviews: Critiques for Marketing & Business Development

customer I’ve added a new menu item this month.  You can now get my free advice and recommendations on a your marketing and business development work.

I’m planning on this becoming a permanent feature on the site.

Here’s the deal.

As a special bonus for visiting this site you can ask for my thoughts and/or recommendations on a piece of marketing collateral or a business development tactic each month.   This is totally free with no strings.

It could be a Facebook ad, sales letter, web page, email, business proposal, or anything else that you need to get an objective view on.
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Celebrity Endorsements: Antonio Carluccio on Marketing (College) Restaurants & Courses

Asking celebs for interviews is a great marketing tactic.Sometimes it is hard to get our target audience to listen to us …. but they will often listen to a celebrity.

Of course celebrities come in all shapes and sizes and getting them to promote your courses could be problematic.

But it isn’t impossible.  Learn how below.

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Live from the #DiscoveringFutures event at the Magic Circle

planning is essential in social mediaThis post is being sent live from the #DiscoveringFutures

event in London.


The event is being held at the Magic Circle and has delegates from the UK, Eire and Denmark.

So let’s get down to business ….  

I believe there are two very dangerous things in life. 

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How to Add Value to Full Cost Courses

How to add Value to your college coursesIn an age where MOOCs are popular and most training can be found as “modules” on YouTube it is easier than ever to “self-educate”.  So why do we need to pay full cost for courses.

For example I recently had a choice about how to learn a new piece of software.  It was a £900 course and a night way in a hotel .. OR .. a day looking at videos on YouTube, putting what I learned in to practice and then moving on to the next piece of learning.

I went for the YouTube approach.

Why? Continue reading


Do You Ever Wonder WHY?

Why do people buy in to your ideas and do busiens swith you rather than your competitors? Why, How? What?

Three questions that are often posed.  But your customers only buy in to one of these questions. Continue reading


Why so Many Marketing Campaigns Fail

How to plan sales and marketing

Marketing needs to be run like a military campaigns. You need plans that everyone understands

Don’t let your sales fail for want of adequate planning.


OK so I know you are part of a professional marketing team and YOU know what you are doing.  But are all team members 100% on board with what you are trying to achieve and what their part in the campaign is? Continue reading


AOC Business Development Conference Presentation Synopsis – Developing an Effective Marketing Strategy

The following video condenses my one hour Effective Business Development Marketing session in to a 4 minute video.

Do you have four minutes to refresh your skills or learn something new?


What is Marketing?

What is Marketing? How Do You Develop a Marketing Strategy? I know what Business Development is .. but

Marketing Confuses Me


Marketing is all about satisfying customer needs and wants .. and doing so profitably.

It is quite simple and you don’t need special shoes or a flashy suit. Most of it is just common sense.  The rest is simple software and knowing how to use it.

I just wish common sense were more common! So think through the issues before placing an advert .. because most adverts don’t work!


Don’t be a Carrot .. be a Thought Leader

Being a carrot doesn't sell trainingBeing a Carrot Doesn’t Sell Training

If we all had the same products, looked the same and said the same things what would happen to sales?

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Segmenting Your Market Is Essential

Segment Your Market Segmenting Your Market Is Essential

It is as simple as slicing bread.

One message will not fit all.  What you say to plumbers is of no interest to hairdressers.  So don’t send them both the same messages.


Strategy is Simple

Strategy is a plan of action designed to achieve a long-term or overall aim Strategy is simple

It’s a plan of action designed to achieve a long-term or overall aim.

But we make it difficult by adding our wishlists, research findings etc.  Often FHE strategies are 100+ pages long .. when two sides of A4 would suffice.


Live from the AOC Conference in London.


What Your Employers Know About You is Key to Their Future Training Purchase

Negotiating the size of the tableA lot of your prospects are already aware of you. But …

they know you run food hygiene or customer care courses; or that you have an engineering facility where you train CADCAM, or whatever, … but nothing else.

If they want that sort of training they might pick up the phone and ask you to quote on some training for them.

But if they want some training on project management or databases they will probably look elsewhere .. perhaps they’ll search online .. but they are less likely to phone you as a first action because in their head you only do what they know about. .

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Mystery shoppers in FE

Mystery shopping for colleges Exciting new service launched!!!

Mystery Student Research

Do you really know what your students and non applicants think about your college? Our new ‘Mystery Student’ service provides insight to all aspects of your provision from the perspective of your students, their parents and your clients. You will be provided with a report identifying strengths and areas requiring improvement. Do you ever ask yourself if: Continue reading


College Kaizen

Did You Know Kaizen Principles Apply to Every Part of College Activity?

As you probably know Kaizen is Japanese for “change for the better.  However as a philosophy it has become the continuous process of changing for the better and the principle can be applied to colleges with great effect.

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How to Increase Sales; Part 2

How to negotiate without emotionPart Two of the Ten Ways To Improve Sales to Employers

Last month I covered two sales essentials – the fact you should  ask for the business and need to have a value based elevator pitch (plus the fact you need to carry out research).

This month I’ve two more suggestions you can adopt.


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The Perfect Business Marketing Campaign

How a razor company can tell you about marketing Does the Perfect Marketing Plan Exist?


A small business I’ve been watching has just successfully launched and have a lot of people paying them a regular fee each month.  Their customers are going to need the same product next month .. and the month after that .. and the month after that .. forever.

Their marketing plan is as near perfect as I’ve ever seen.

So how did they do it?  Can we do the same?

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How to Market a College When Your Budget is Reduced

A lot of colleges tell me their budgets have been cut, staff numbers reduced or both. So how can you maintain numbers or even increase them with fewer resources.

To discover the answer this video is a “must be viewed” starting point. Use to to focus on your response to this increasing problem … and if your budgets haven’t been cut use it to devise a way to increase the ROI of your existing resources.

Need help with your marketing? Call me for a chat .. it costs nothing to talk.


How Business Profiles Can Help Improve Marketing & Sales

Business profiles can be used to significantly improve marketing and sales.

We’ve previously looked at how to use customer profiles to better market to individuals, now I want to focus on  business profiles .. the sort of characteristics that certain businesses share.

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