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How to Build Credibility With Business Clients … & Students

Creedibility is key to engsgring prospects and making sales. Selling to businesses, and indeed engaging students, isn’t just a sales activity.

In fact, if we try to use hard sales technique to prospective customers they will frequently avoid us like the plague.  You need credibility with your prospects and students. 

The thing is, we need to build credibility with business clients and students. We want businesses to regard us as a trusted partner; one that is there to help them rather than just to sell to them. We need to build these relationships at all levels. That includes building credibility and trust with key executives in these businesses. Continue reading


Changes to LinkedIn

LinkedIn is constantly evolving.


It is still a great marketing and business development tool but recently some features have disappeared and new ones have appeared.


Group Top Contributor

I’m not sure if this is good or bad but the top contributor status has now gone.  In the past it was easy to see who contributed most to a group by checking out the top contributor status.

Maybe this will encourage more participation from all group members but maybe it will discourage those that have said a lot in the past (and that could be good or bad!). . .

The downside is that in the past your profile picture, and headline, was featured prominently on the group home page.  This gave some credence to you being a  thought leader in the group.  But no longer.

Online participants like to be rewarded for their efforts and the removal of this feature could well damage the number of comments over time.


Group statistics have been removed.

People tend to join active groups and it was easy to see which groups were active by clicking the activity tab.

In the past the stats showed demographics, growth and activity.  With over 2 million groups on LI finding relevant groups has always been hard.  the problem being many groups are inactive or full of spam.

The first step in deciding if a group was for me was to examine the group stats.  Judging activity is now going to be slower as you’ll need to go into the group and check the number and date of posts.  If this takes too much time I can see people joining fewer groups.

Recent activity has also gone. To discover what is happening in a group you now need to click the recent activity button .. which means an extra step in the process which seems to defeat the KIS Keep it Simple ethos we should al use online.


Group Managers

Lots of changes here.

Inappropriate posts – this used to be configurable.  But no longer. So when members now report a post as spam, LinkedIn will remove the post if there are repeated complaints.

This sounds good but I can see it leading to problems if someone takes offence over another’s viewpoint.  This could lead to people as well as posts being removed and could be exploited by unscrupulous competitors.

Managers can now promote a discussion to be displayed at the top of the main discussion feed and it will stay at the top of the feed until it’s replaced by another discussion.

In poorly managed groups (and there are lots of them) this could make a group quite boring.


How LinkedIn “CRM” Keeps Track of Email Exchanges

LinkedIn CRM Functions include email tracking

Click to enlarge

LinkedIn has several functions beyond the ability to make notes on contacts.

It also keeps track of any emails you send via LinkedIn.  Coupled with the Reminder function this makes it a quite a powerful CRM type tool.

And when you add the LinkedIn Connect app it is even more powerful as it sends you relationship reminders without the distraction of other information, posts etc.  Perfect for working hours; leaving non working hours for enjoying posts and much more.



Your Career: Using LinkedIn to Market Yourself

LinkedIn logo Getting Headhunted on LinkedIn

I know several people who are now working in jobs for which they were headhunted via LinkedIn.

If, like most people in your field, you are ambitious you will want to know of any suitable posts you could apply for. The problem is many new posts are no longer advertised. In many cases the right candidates are now headhunted online before being invited to apply.

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What is the Purpose of Social Media?

There's more to social media than likes, fans and followersLikes, Fans and Followers are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to social media.  

We are constantly encouraged to use social media because we are told that this is where young people are ….. but will thousands of “likes” really drive your recruitment campaign? Continue reading


LinkedIn: How Colleges & Trainers Can Use LinkedIn to Build Relationships

In a previous post entitled How Providers can Use LinkedIn, I mentioned LinkedIn Groups.

I said that groups are a really powerful way to link with people of similar mindset, interest or whatever ….. and a place to ask or answer questions on just about any business related topic.

With LinkedIn it is important to understand that LinkedIn is a NOT a sales platform.   But used wisely it will present you with sales leads.   

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LinkedIn Strategies to Build Your Career

How to boost your career with LinkedIn LinkedIn is More than an Online CV

But sadly most people don’t use it for this purpose at all .. and if you are building a career this is a tool not to be ignored.

My son in law changed jobs a year ago .. all as a result to someone approaching him via LinkedIn.  They liked his profile, invited him for a beer one night and offered him a job that same evening.  He wasn’t looking for a new job but they had trawled the web looking for the right person to fill a new post and his profile ticked all the right boxes.  He now has a new job and a salary that is considerably higher than before.  Here is a LinkedIn tip to help build your career.

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How a LinkedIn Group saved me Weeks of Worry

How LinkedIn helps CRM LinkedIn Groups can solve Business Development Problems

I’ve been looking for the perfect CRM system. Most of them are very expensive and don’t really do all I, and my client, want.

Here is an example of how I used LinkedIn to solve my CRM problem.

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How Providers can Use LinkedIn

logo_linkedin_92x22LinkedIn is much more than “Facebook for Professionals”

It is more than an online CV

It is ….
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How to Add Video to Your LinkedIn Profile

Follow the simple steps in this video and add any YouTube hosted video to your LinkedIn profile. The process is simple and can take less than two minutes.

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