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Perceptions Speak Volumes

When Writing Copy for Websites, Printed Material, Social Media & Menus We Need to Consider The Readers Perceptions

Michelin starred chef, Heston Blumenthal, tells a wonderful story of having spent weeks developing crab ice cream only to find few people ordered it. This story is about perceptions.

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Your Career: Using LinkedIn to Market Yourself

LinkedIn logo Getting Headhunted on LinkedIn

I know several people who are now working in jobs for which they were headhunted via LinkedIn.

If, like most people in your field, you are ambitious you will want to know of any suitable posts you could apply for. The problem is many new posts are no longer advertised. In many cases the right candidates are now headhunted online before being invited to apply.

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Google Adwords: Mistakes to Avoid

Adwords can deliver high CTR at low costAdwords Myth: No one clicks on Google Adwords

Most people I meet claim never to click on an Adwords ad.  If that is correct then why is Google making so much money from Adwords?

What does this mean to providers?

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Sourcing & Answering Everyday Questions: What Your Customers Realy Need to Know About

What Really Concerns Your Customers: What are Their Key Questions? What Keeps Them Awake at Night?

Providers often ask me how to source what is really of concern or worrying their students, employers, and prospects.   They need to know so that they can address concerns and offer courses that people really need.

My answer is always the same.  I don’t know; but I know who does.

If you want to know what is worrying these people, what you should write about in magazines and on your website then you can discover the answer very quickly.

The people that know are your telephonists, help desk and website search logs (plus check Analytics for the keywords used to find your website)

This is where the answer resides and all you need to do is ask.

Once you have the questions you can realign your strategy, write web copy, format emails and lots more besides that address real issues.




Drawings for PowerPoint, Newsletters, Email or Video

Use line drawings to attract attention to website postsIn a previous post I have demonstrated how to produce videos really quickly and at low cost (or even free) by using software from PowToons.

Here is another reason to look at PowToons and similar video systems.  You can buy those really cute and effective little line and 3D drawings for use in videos, newsletters, websites etc.

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