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Are You Answering Your Phone?

Do yopu answer your phones? Unanswered Phones Represent the Biggest Marketing & Recruitment Leakage in FE

I’ve written about unanswered phones before. It is no good spending £000s on marketing only to ignore the calls when a prospective student calls.

Sadly the blight of unanswered calls continues. In the last two weeks, I’ve repeatedly called two providers that have failed to answer. One just lets the phone ring and ring without going to answerphone. The other plays back testimonials (with background noise) for several minutes before saying it has not been possible to connect you and cutting the call. Continue reading


It’s Education: But Not As We Know It

Education is Changing: How Long Will Colleges Survive?

Its easy to think that colleges and the type of courses they offer will never change … or need to change.

But the world changes at an increasingly fast pace and new competitors appear as if from nowhere. And they are creating change, even if we don’t recognise it.

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Stefan Drew on The Magic of Specialising

Setting up a new business doesn’t happen just like that.

A degree of specialisation is needed. But what can you specialise in and did we all start that way?


Listen to the audio to discover more


How to Market a College Restaurant To Boost Profits & Recruitment

How to Market a College Restaurant Marketing a College Restaurant: This is Often Low Down on the Priority List in Many Colleges. But When You Effectively Promote the College Restaurant The ROI is Huge

To simplify the college restaurant marketing process I use  simple templates to determine answers to a series of questions that lead towards the marketing plan. The templates vary from college to college but you’ll get a feel of what I’m looking for from these typical questions. See Below …. Continue reading


Recurring Income Streams From Employer Based Curriculum

Recurring Income models for training providersDo You Need a Recurring Income Stream?


Employers want and need accredited courses.

Correct  …. but did you know employers also want and need non accredited courses?

This provides a recurring Income Stream Opportunity

The fact is that hundreds of thousands of employers and self employed people actually don’t need or want accredited courses.

What they want is to acquire a skill or knowledge they can implement right now.  That means they don’t want a September start. They want to start now.

Their need is for knowledge and/or skills right now. And they will pay for instant gratification. 

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Networking: How to Introduce Intrigue in Your Introductions

man with intriguing symbolWhen meeting someone new at a networking event it is easy to get dragged into a long conversation that leads nowhere.  The result is a wasted morning with little to show for it.


Wouldn’t it be better if you could get to know someone and get asked to talk them through one of their pressing problems?

Here is the technique I use .. and it works almost every time.

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Are your Sales Teams Selling Commodities or Are They Trusted Business Partners?

Are your sales teams commodity brokers or trusted partners? Do Local Employers Chase Your Sales Team For Help & Advice?  Or Are They Regarded as Commodity Brokers?

FE Providers need to continually generate more income, especially as funding gets tighter. One way is to encourage local and national employers to buy more full cost courses.

But this isn’t an easy solution.  Your sales team  have a lot of competition and you could easily end up being course commodity dealers where the lowest price usually wins.  This isn’t going to generate much profit.

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Ecourses on Provider Websites

How to Deliver ECourses on Your Website?


With Increased Interest in Online Delivery & Especially MOOCS, How Can You Profitably Deliver ECourses on Your Website, Without High Level Technical Skills?

 In 2011 Stanford University launched three online courses.  Each recruited over 100,000 students with one reaching over 160,000 students.  So online delivery will probably grow in the UK as well. This makes MOOCS and other online courses a great way to engage with employers and the public .. not just locally as this can go nationwide or even global.

But …

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Could Your College Resources Bring in More Income?

£ How tio generate income

Providers need more income .. this is one way it can be generated

My recent article in FE News resulted in several emails in my in tray.  In the article I proposed fast track courses plus a longer working day and year. I suggested that colleges should be fully utilised all year and not be effectively closed for the summer.

 Not all colleges will want to take this route but that begs a question.  

How are you going to make those expensive teaching resources produce more income?

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