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Perceptions Speak Volumes

When Writing Copy for Websites, Printed Material, Social Media & Menus We Need to Consider The Readers Perceptions

Michelin starred chef, Heston Blumenthal, tells a wonderful story of having spent weeks developing crab ice cream only to find few people ordered it. This story is about perceptions.

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The Question “Why?” is Key to FE Management


It is the most fundamental question of all time. But it impacts FE unlike any other question.

Answer this one question and you have a starting place; a reason to get up in the morning and to be happy at work.

It also gives staff a  reason to give of their best .. and that means an effective college; a Grade 1 college.

Simon Sinek explains the question Why and how it has impacted the power of flight, Apple and much more.


How To Promote Courses to Employers

Promote Courses: Employers will pay for unusual coursesDo you only offer the usual courses.  You know, the usual list of manual handling, health and safety courses, food hygiene and all those other courses you can find on 90-95% of provider websites?

This employer market is limited and incomes restricted.  

But there is another way where incomes and profit grow at an exponential rate.

You see while very few ever look beyond offering this shortlist and, if asked for something out of the ordinary,  just say they there is no call for it. The really smart providers do something entirely different.

They make significant profit.

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The Two Types of Purchase in the Education Sector

How Can Your Prospects Measure Risk Marketing and Selling to Explorers and Experienced Buyers

When you think about it there are only two types of people that might want to do business with providers.

There are those that aren’t sure what we have to offer, but happen upon us or are exploring options and there are those that know exactly what we offer and want more of the same.

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I2I Replaces B2B & B2C

Do Businesses Buy .. Or Do Individuals in Businesses Buy? In Marketing, Do Businesses Actually Exist?

I see a lot of talk of B2C and B2B marketing but I’m not sure either exists as such; especially B2B.

Buyers are always individuals and NEVER businesses in the strict sense.  The reason is simply that all business transactions (except where the computer says No) are actually  made by individual people.  People that have the same strengths and weaknesses as the rest of us.

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YouTube Tips: Being Found in Google SERPS & Optimising Your Channel

image1403617527Are you using YouTube effectively?

There’s more to it than a corporate video .

The Facts about YouTube

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How To Use Animated Calls to Actions

How to get people to subscribe or enrol Getting prospects on your website from interested to enrolled is sometimes difficult.

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How to Prioritise Your Workload

Where do your priorities lie? Too much work? Prioritise it.

When the Olympic rowing team were preparing for competition they faced the priorities question many times. They had a very simple answer, that applies equally to Providers.

They recognised that they had one aim; to row faster than every other team. If they could do this they would win Gold. So their priorities were always addressed with the question, “Will it make the boat go faster?”. Continue reading


How To Attract Attention on Websites and Blogs

Moving images attract attention to our websites and blogs As a hunter gatherer species we are programmed to notice movement and that has a fundamental impact on our business marketing.

Of course there are hundreds of things that you can do to attract attention on websites,  blogs and adverts but I want to focus on just one that will make your post stand out from all the others.

Say I want to attract people to an equine course ….. a galloping horse will grab the attention of people with an interest in horses.  It doesn’t even have to be a perfect image. Continue reading


How To Use LinkedIn to Find Prospects

LinkedIn is about relationships with customers and contacts You can be a passive user of LinkedIn and lose lots of opportunities or you can use LinkedIn for a few minutes, twice a week, and see results in hours.

Most people like you and I are on LinkedIn but they don’t really understand the power of LinkedIn.  They don’t realise that in just a few minutes each week it is quite easy to stimulate interest from a contact .. without writing a word.

It is also quite easy and quick to start up a conversation that has been initiated by the person you want to “buy” from you.

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Student & Stakeholder Perceptions of HE: Brand Parody or Reality

What do people think when you say college, apprenticeship or university.

What emotions and thoughts do these brands create in the minds of parents, prospective students and employers? ?

Is it having a great time, future earnings or paying off student loans?

Or is it as this parody video portrays? Indeed is it parody or reality.

It seems the principles that come across in this video could apply to all of FHE.


If there is any semblance of reality here what can you do to redress the balance?


Google v Bing Places for Business

Bing Places for College & Trainer Marketing Ltd If you’ve ever attended one of my training days or heard me speak at a conference you’ll know I’m passionate about free marketing techniques and things like Google Places.


Google Places or Google Places for Business has been around for years and are a way to get your establishment on a Google Map, in Google searches and to even appear as a free “advert” on SatNav systems  like TomTom.

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How to Market a College When Your Budget is Reduced

A lot of colleges tell me their budgets have been cut, staff numbers reduced or both. So how can you maintain numbers or even increase them with fewer resources.

To discover the answer this video is a “must be viewed” starting point. Use to to focus on your response to this increasing problem … and if your budgets haven’t been cut use it to devise a way to increase the ROI of your existing resources.

Need help with your marketing? Call me for a chat .. it costs nothing to talk.


Sherlocking for Sales and Sponsorship

Binoculars are used to searchSherlocking, or Researching, your Prospects is a Powerful Technique

If you want good results when meeting someone for the first time, you need to “Sherlock”.

Maybe you are meeting a new contact, prospect, potential sponsor, stakeholder or interviewing a potential employee (or applying for a job!).  Whatever it is you need carry out some basic research on them.  In the same way that Sherlock Holmes determined a lot about people by looking for subtle clues you need to seek clues of your own.  If you do you’ll be better prepared and the meeting is likely to be far more successful .. and the good news is most of the clues aren’t subtle, they are obvious.

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How to Split Test Facebook Ads the Quick Way

How to split test facebook ads using the facebook Power EditorHow to produce & split test Facebook ads using the Facebook Power Editor

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Why Our Recent Seminar Went Viral

A Sneak View of the Marketing Secrets Seminars in London and Manchester  .. that went viral.

marketing secrets seminar s in london and ManchesterThe recent Marketing Secrets seminars in London and Manchester were a bit different to the norm.  As each day proceeded automated previews of some of the topics we were covering were posted on one of my websites, on Twitter, on Facebook, on Triberr and then went viral across the world.

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Do you recommend books and equipment to your students?

How to Sell books on your websiteMany courses have a recommended reading list or list of equipment that is required by students .. so why not offer these items on your website?

The banner below selects products at random, based on Amazon’s experience of your site, but you could also select specific books for specific course pages.
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Marketing Commercial ventures: How to market restaurants, salons, gyms, theatres, etc

Coffee discount voucher001How to market restaurants, salons, gyms, theatres, etc

When we are focused on getting bums on seats it is often easy to forget the commercial products and services we should also be promoting.

So if you have a restaurant, salon, gym, theatre or other venue that rely on public support you need quick and simple marketing channels that cost little to support or run.

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Negotiation Skills: The Art of the Possible.

Negotiation or Confrontation

How to Negotiate

Children do it, you do it, I do it.  We all negotiate every day.  The alternative is confrontation.

Of course much of it is informal.  We aren’t negotiating a large contract or negotiating at a peace conference.  Often we have to negotiate with our kids .. that can be one of the toughest forms of negotiation, sometimes we negotiate for resources or a better salary but we all have to do it.

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