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GDPR courses or event costing £750

GDPR could prove expensive for colleges. Are you spending too much?

GDPR could prove expensive for colleges. Are you spending too much?

GDPR is Vitally Important for FE .. & Could Prove Expensive

We have seen GDPR posts everywhere in the last months. And for good reason. This regulation is going to hit the sector very hard. For ages, we’ve kept all sorts of lists of people that have shown a vague interest in our offer. They’ve been kept by MIS, the marketing department and countless staff have kept their own private lists, often because they don’t trust the others to do their job properly. Continue reading


How to Increase Revenue from Employers

How To Increase Revenue from employers Money is tight.

But recent budget cuts make increasing employer income an imperative.  But how do we do it? How do we increase revenue from employers?

My recent article in FE News addresses this issue.  I detail one method that works for me on  a regular basis

How to Increase Provider Revenue


Localism and FE Funding

John Widdowson at the AOC conference John Widdowson discussed Localism and FE funding for FE News at the AOC conference.  Watch the video to hear John’s views.




The Insanity of FE Funding .. & Some Solutions

Where's the fundingThe FE Funding Noose is Tightening

How will FE survive?

Overcoming the Insanity of FE Funding is the subject of my latest FE News exclusive.  In it I offer some tips and hints for various FE departments.

Check it out now