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Are You Answering Your Phone?

Do yopu answer your phones? Unanswered Phones Represent the Biggest Marketing & Recruitment Leakage in FE

I’ve written about unanswered phones before. It is no good spending £000s on marketing only to ignore the calls when a prospective student calls.

Sadly the blight of unanswered calls continues. In the last two weeks, I’ve repeatedly called two providers that have failed to answer. One just lets the phone ring and ring without going to answerphone. The other plays back testimonials (with background noise) for several minutes before saying it has not been possible to connect you and cutting the call. Continue reading


Will AI Take Over From Teachers & Lecturers?

Thomas Frey From The DaVinci Instiute Made AI Predictions at Davos

Will AI replace teachers? Read my article in FE News

Why Teaching is a Dying Profession



Outsourcing Marketing: Should Marketing Be Outsourced?

Is outsourcing marketing a good idea?Should FE Providers Outsource Their Marketing?

Several CEOs have recently asked me this.

They’ve been told it will save money and give them access to a wider marketing skill base.

I think both of these reasons are flawed. But the truth is worse than that. In this video I go into the pros and cons of outsourcing. You can read more of my thoughts on outsourcing marketing in my recent article on FE News.

But why not watch the video first?


Are Providers Really Productive?

In my recent article on FE News I address productivity.  Ministers and news papers talk about productivity but do providers demonstrate it?

See my views on productivity here




Ofsted To Inspect Marketing

How Would Your Marketing Stand Up to An Ofsted Inspection?

Read my latest article for FE News on Ofsted Inspections of Marketing


How Can FE Providers Balance Their Budgets?

Cookery Courses could help FE  beat the budget downturnMy recent article on FE News had the phone ringing and was shared over fifty times.  In it I said that FE needs to rethink their business model and offer people what they wanted rather than what providers thought was needed.

I agreed that qualifications were important but suggested that not everyone wants a qual.  Some people just want to be able to apply new skills very quickly and others were looking for  a leisure experience.

I provided three examples of FE businesses that were thriving and had no government funding and no Inspection hassles.

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The Art of FE Management

FE News Artof ManagementThe art of FE management

I’m told that Sun Tzu’s Art of War is required reading at Westpoint and Sandhurst. But can the 2500 year old lessons allegedly written by this Chinese General be of any relevance to FE today?

Perhaps, if we take the basic truths from the Art of War and apply them to our current situation.

For example Sun Tzu is attributed with saying “what enables the wise sovereign and the good general to strike and conquer, and achieve things beyond the reach of ordinary men, is foreknowledge.”

Certainly there can be no argument that knowledge of our sector, our customers and our competitors is vital if we are to not only survive but thrive. Indeed it is often said that knowledge is power.


In my recent FE News article I explain more …


Implementing a WHY Strategy

FE News article by Stefan Drew on Implementing Why in FEBeing published is a great way to get noticed as a provider or an individual.

Sometimes the response if so good the publishers want more .. and  they want it now.

My FE Now article entitled The answer to FE problems is “Why?” has so many social shares that I was asked to write more on the topic … so I wrote about Implementing WHY in FE.

There are three things to learn from this …

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Lessons from the AoC Business Development conference

Business Development ideas for FE / FHE colleges The AOC Business Development conference was a great success; over 120 people from a wide range of college based and private providers attended.

As I was one of the speakers and am a regular contributor to FENews this leads to a predictable outcome …. so here is my FENews article on Lessons from the AOC Business Development conference


The Insanity of FE Funding .. & Some Solutions

Where's the fundingThe FE Funding Noose is Tightening

How will FE survive?

Overcoming the Insanity of FE Funding is the subject of my latest FE News exclusive.  In it I offer some tips and hints for various FE departments.

Check it out now


FE News: Is This The Stupidest Thing FE Has Ever Done?

Alumni: Is this the stupidest thing FE has ever done? FE has done some stupid things over the years

(I know, I’ve made mistakes myself) ….

but this has to be the stupidest.

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Latest exclusive on #FENews

How to use internal marketing to boost numbers and income. How to get more business from internal markets is my latest topic for FENews

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Are You Commodity Providers or A Recognised Education or Skills Authority

Be recognised as an authority in your fieldIf you want to create a wave, get noticed, get web traffic and enquiries it pays to write a regular column.

It also pays to be recognised as an authority in your field as I point out in this article in FE News.


Are your Sales Teams Selling Commodities or Are They Trusted Business Partners?

Are your sales teams commodity brokers or trusted partners? Do Local Employers Chase Your Sales Team For Help & Advice?  Or Are They Regarded as Commodity Brokers?

FE Providers need to continually generate more income, especially as funding gets tighter. One way is to encourage local and national employers to buy more full cost courses.

But this isn’t an easy solution.  Your sales team  have a lot of competition and you could easily end up being course commodity dealers where the lowest price usually wins.  This isn’t going to generate much profit.

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