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FE Project Manages Specific Tasks Every Day .. Here is the Success Secret

Project Management is key to FE management success

Trello FE Project Management Example

Everything we do in FE seems to be a project. From teaching and marketing to building a new campus.  It’s all about Project Management.

But often our project management skills aren’t great. We could do much better at Project Management. At things like initiating, planning, implementing, controlling, and completing specific processes required to achieve specific tasks.  And we need to remember that everything needs to be achieved within a specific time frame and to budget. Continue reading


Generating Income, FE Space Utilisation & Pop Up Restaurants

Pop Up Restaurants Make MoneyGenerating More Income in FE isn’t Always Easy

…. but that is usually due to our mindset.

One major asset we have is space .. and it is worth money but not if we think about it in the wrong way.

You see we think about space in terms of how we would normally use it and can’t see beyond this.

But turn your thoughts upside down and look at the space in a different way.

The space doesn’t need using for its original purpose.  It’s just space and can be used for a myriad of purposes.

Link your space to a local or national event and marvelous things happen.

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EventBrite Saves Time and is Free to Use for Provider Open Days & Events

EventBrite is Free For Free Events Using EventBrite is a No-Brainer for Provider Events.

I’m quite surprised how few providers use EventBrite when the benefits are considered.

For me it started with being a queue buster at events.  One of my clients had really long queues at events because they insisted on capturing loads of data on the prospective students.

This created several problems.

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New from YouTube: Tip Jar

YouTube Have Introduced “Tip Jar” to Video Channels

As a means to crowd fund or raise money for charity this seems a great idea.

the only problem is it is only available in beta in the US, Australia, Mexico and Japan so far.  But there si a staged roll out so watch for it in the UK where it has great potential for training providers and students.



Listen to Dr Srikumar Rao Live in London

Senior staff at Microsoft, Google, Merrill Lynch, Chubb, IBM, Johnson and Johnson, Deutsche Bank, Accenture. Tata & Yahoo pay big money to get advice from Dr Srikumar Rao.

Not only is Srikumar a noted academic and TED presenter; he is someone who also advises me from time to time.  I’ve known Srikumar for a quite a while for a simple reason.  We mastermind together.  That means we get together once a month and exchange ideas.

Srikumar used to teach on MBA programs at Columbia. You can also find his TED talks on YouTube (see below) and he runs a Personal Mastery course that gets rave reviews.

This course normally costs $1000s and is normally only run for private clients.

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Graduation & Events: Seating Plans on EventBrite

seating plan for college graduationEventBrite have now introduced the opportunity to “sell” reserved seating at different prices.

Not sure how this will affect colleges and training providers?  Then think about nil pricing and seat allocation for graduation ceremonies and other public and invitation only events.

And of course you can still use it for selling tickets for conferences.

For more see EventBrite  Reserved Seating 




Sell Your Talents to Employers

“Get out there and sell your talents, not to ministers, but to students, parents and, more than anyone, to employers”. Matthew Hancock 

And to encourage us FE is getting massive funding cuts.

So you’d better learn how to market your wares .. or …. well the alternative isn’t something we should consider.

This is the background to the marketing presentation I’ll give at the AOC Business Development conference on Feb 27th.

Come along and learn how to survive in FE business development.

Learn more at


Latest exclusive on #FENews

How to use internal marketing to boost numbers and income. How to get more business from internal markets is my latest topic for FENews

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Royalty Free Music for Videos, Events etc

Do You Ever Need Royalty Free Music or Sound Effects

This is a site I’ve used a few times.


It offers a pay once, use forever, 100% copyright clear library of hand picked exclusive music.  By exclusive I mean exclusive to them .. this music isn’t available anywhere else.

The site has an easy interface with a easy to use search and quick preview
Soundtracks are available in MP3 and WAV format.




Last chance to learn about FE Marketing Secrets

FE Marketing Secrets SeminarFE Marketing secrets in Manchester was a great success and the London event starts in less than 24 hours.

This is a practical seminar for serious FHE marketing focused people.  We don’t teach reams of theory; we demonstrate proven techniques that work.

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Events: Some basic rules for success

Basic Exhibition Rules; be there at the startExhibitions and events are expensive.

Exhibition costs include stand space, travel, accommodation, marketing collateral, staffing costs and much more.

So, my advice might seem obvious; but you need to turn up on time and make the event work for you.

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New EventBrite Colour Themes

Customise Your EventBrite Page with More Colour Themes!

Eventbrite colour theme test plainProviders are increasing using EventBrite to manage Open Evenings, short courses and other events and EventBrite are constantly trying to encourag4 more uptake of their software.

I must confess I like EventBrite.  It not only performs basic event management functions it then does much more if you set it up right.

EventBrite will send out:

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Event Management: From an Exhibitor’s Viewpoint.

Exhibition USPs: what is yours?

Every stand can look the same ….. !

Last week I exhibited at a business exhibition.   It was a novel event for me as I haven’t attended an exhibition as an exhibitor in nearly 10 years.

Of course I’m not a total exhibition novice.  I’ve managed hundreds of such stands at national events like Crufts, Badminton, Gatcombe, the Royal Show, various events at Olympia, the NEC, RDS in Dublin and exhibition centres in Paris and Geneva.  But I’ve never exhibited my own business. I learnt a lot.

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