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How To Use LinkedIn as a “CRM” System

LinkedIn has many CRM FunctionsMost people miss most of the functions that LinkedIn offers and whilst it will never fully substitute as a CRM system, it has some functions that will replicate a few of them.  This makes it a great Employer Engagement tool.

Bearing in mind that so few FE organisations have little in the way of CRM systems these are worth considering.

On the image above I’ve marked 6 functions that can be found on LinkedIn profiles.  Go to anyone you have linked with and you’ll find it at the top of their profile (just under their photo).

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I2I Replaces B2B & B2C

Do Businesses Buy .. Or Do Individuals in Businesses Buy? In Marketing, Do Businesses Actually Exist?

I see a lot of talk of B2C and B2B marketing but I’m not sure either exists as such; especially B2B.

Buyers are always individuals and NEVER businesses in the strict sense.  The reason is simply that all business transactions (except where the computer says No) are actually  made by individual people.  People that have the same strengths and weaknesses as the rest of us.

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So Why Do You Want To Be A Plumber?

Are you really communicating?Often we take at face value what young people and employers tell us.

When someone says they want to be a plumber is it true? Or is it that they have perceptions about plumbers and plumbing that they want satisfied.

So why not ask them why they want to be a plumber. The last time I did this the young man I spoke to told me it was because plumbers get to move around from job to job, often worked alone, and were more independent than factory workers.

As we delved in to this we started to explore other careers where people worked alone and were more self reliant than a factory worker and suddenly this young man’s horizons opened up beyond plumbing, beyond construction and embraced hundreds of other potential careers.

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Thirteen Words To Land a Deal

13 words to seal a deal: Text, email or call.There are thirteen words that can land any deal that has stalled.

It might be a sale or a purchase but deals sometimes stall and although you mean to chase them up and get things moving again .. you don’t have time.

So use this 13 word email template and get things moving again .. the same words work in a phone call or text message.

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Negotiation Tips: Be Curious

I'm curious .... curiosity questions are non threatening I’ve a friend who is a curious man.

No, I’m not being rude .. it is what he often says when negotiating.

He’ll say things like “I am curious about why you want this by month end”, “I’m curious why you want that quantity” or “I’m curious why you made that decision”.

His curiosity is almost childlike. But in the same way we tolerate children and their questions .. and even answer them .. he is able to ask really difficult questions without appearing rude or threatening.

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The Customer FLOW Process

The Customer FLOW process Delivers Customers Every Day  .. Like a Waterfall Delivers Water Is Your Customer Acquisition and Sales Process Reactive or Proactive?

Reactive systems are fine when they send you a steady flow of new and repeat customers but they are unreliable and frequently fail.

Proactive customer acquisition and sales processes are reliable, predictable and mean you get less stressed about hitting our targets.

The system I prefer is called FLOW, which stand s for:

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What Procurement Managers Want to See in Your Proposals

Procurement processes can make selling difficult When bidding through a formal procurement process procurement managers can be the bane of your life.

Unless you understand what really turns them on.

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Business Development & Marketing Insights

Sometimes it’s worth looking outside our own sector to see what others are doing.

Here’s a short video demonstrating an innovative idea an Australian charity used to grab the attention of  potential corporate donors.   I’m not sure you could exactly copy this in FE but it does made me think about other ways to attract attention.

How will you use this idea to make contact with potential clients?

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Objective Reviews: Critiques for Marketing & Business Development

customer I’ve added a new menu item this month.  You can now get my free advice and recommendations on a your marketing and business development work.

I’m planning on this becoming a permanent feature on the site.

Here’s the deal.

As a special bonus for visiting this site you can ask for my thoughts and/or recommendations on a piece of marketing collateral or a business development tactic each month.   This is totally free with no strings.

It could be a Facebook ad, sales letter, web page, email, business proposal, or anything else that you need to get an objective view on.
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Celebrity Endorsements: Antonio Carluccio on Marketing (College) Restaurants & Courses

Asking celebs for interviews is a great marketing tactic.Sometimes it is hard to get our target audience to listen to us …. but they will often listen to a celebrity.

Of course celebrities come in all shapes and sizes and getting them to promote your courses could be problematic.

But it isn’t impossible.  Learn how below.

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How To Use Animated Calls to Actions

How to get people to subscribe or enrol Getting prospects on your website from interested to enrolled is sometimes difficult.

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What is Your Referral Strategy? Luck?

Making Referrals is an excellent marketing method but do you have a strategy? Word of Mouth  Predominates

as a marketing method.

Ask anyone where most of their custom comes from and they’ll say Word of Mouth referrals.


Do you have a referrals strategy?

Ask them if they have a referrals strategy and they’ll say no in most cases.

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How to Win Competitive Tenders

How to win at competitive tenderingCompetitive Tenders Are a Fact of Life That Few of Us Enjoy  …..  or Win All The Time .

I’m sure you have your share of competitive tender stories.  You know, where you wrote a great bid, made a great presentation but failed to get the work.  I hear stories like this every week.

Well sadly, the quality of your bid has little to do with winning the work.  Yes, I know that those that set the tender criteria have marks sheets.  I know that the process is meant to be objective.  I know all these things.  BUT …

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Selling to Corporates v SMEs

Making Sales to Corporates Selling to corporates is often seen as being different to selling to SMEs. But is it?

Of course corporates are much bigger and it can be quite overwhelming when first called to present to a corporate.   But there is one fundamental similarity.

In both cases you are dealing with human beings. People just like you and me.

And the experience needn’t be like the image above. Continue reading


How To Use LinkedIn to Find Prospects

LinkedIn is about relationships with customers and contacts You can be a passive user of LinkedIn and lose lots of opportunities or you can use LinkedIn for a few minutes, twice a week, and see results in hours.

Most people like you and I are on LinkedIn but they don’t really understand the power of LinkedIn.  They don’t realise that in just a few minutes each week it is quite easy to stimulate interest from a contact .. without writing a word.

It is also quite easy and quick to start up a conversation that has been initiated by the person you want to “buy” from you.

Here are a few simple ideas that really work and have personally brought me a lot of business in the last year or two. Continue reading


How to Work With Businesses That Have Decided NOT to Work With You

Losing a contract is not the end of a business relationshipIt may seem strange, but just because someone decided not to work with you in the past, it doesn’t mean they aren’t going to be your next customer.

You see, if you were shortlisted in some way, the fact you got as far as you did means there was nothing incredibly wrong with your proposal.  It probably fell at the last fence because of a small detail.  If it had been a totally wrong fit you wouldn’t have got anywhere near the last fence.

So that means you can remain in the frame for a chance to compete again.  In fact in some cases you will not even have to run against others the next time.

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Lessons from the AoC Business Development conference

Business Development ideas for FE / FHE colleges The AOC Business Development conference was a great success; over 120 people from a wide range of college based and private providers attended.

As I was one of the speakers and am a regular contributor to FENews this leads to a predictable outcome …. so here is my FENews article on Lessons from the AOC Business Development conference


AOC Business Development Conference Presentation Synopsis – Developing an Effective Marketing Strategy

The following video condenses my one hour Effective Business Development Marketing session in to a 4 minute video.

Do you have four minutes to refresh your skills or learn something new?


What is Marketing?

What is Marketing? How Do You Develop a Marketing Strategy? I know what Business Development is .. but

Marketing Confuses Me


Marketing is all about satisfying customer needs and wants .. and doing so profitably.

It is quite simple and you don’t need special shoes or a flashy suit. Most of it is just common sense.  The rest is simple software and knowing how to use it.

I just wish common sense were more common! So think through the issues before placing an advert .. because most adverts don’t work!


Should You Advertise That?

Most advertising doesn't work Most advertising doesn’t work … so

Should You Advertise Training Courses?

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