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FE Project Manages Specific Tasks Every Day .. Here is the Success Secret

Project Management is key to FE management success

Trello FE Project Management Example

Everything we do in FE seems to be a project. From teaching and marketing to building a new campus.  It’s all about Project Management.

But often our project management skills aren’t great. We could do much better at Project Management. At things like initiating, planning, implementing, controlling, and completing specific processes required to achieve specific tasks.  And we need to remember that everything needs to be achieved within a specific time frame and to budget. Continue reading


Three Email Marketing Mistakes to Avoid

I first started using email in 1996, the year Hotmail was started. It was useless in terms of FE marketing for one simple reason. There were very few people with Hotmail or any other sort of email accounts. None of my friends had one and none of my college’s target audience understood what email was.

It was several years before colleges started using email to communicate with prospects and even longer before we all had websites.

Fax still ruled and mobile phones were so big and heavy that “mobile” seemed to be a misleading description.

So I’ve been using email for FE marketing so long that I suppose that makes me a bit of an expert.

Expert or not, there are lots of words of wisdom written about email marketing, I have to think twice about.  So much accepted wisdom is just plain mad. Continue reading


What is the FE Marketing Silly Season?

FE Marketing Silly Season Stay Calm, Don't PanicSeveral FE marketing colleagues contacted me during the FE Marketing Silly Season

All were highly hacked off.

What is the FE Marketing Silly Season? Why were people hacked off?  They were hacked off simply because they had worked hard all year and felt that their professionalsim was under attack.

And what is it? The FE Marketing Silly Season is when provider senior staff look at numbers and decide that action is needed. By that I mean an extra marketing push is needed. My colleagues tell me that the senior staff then come up with all sorts of marketing initiatives and insist that the marketing department implement them immediately. Continue reading


FE Faces Extinction

FE is Facing ExtinctionCould Area Reviews, poor financial track records and being digitally challenged spell the extinction of the FE college?

That is the argument of some private providers I had lunch with recently.  They thought FE colleges had real problems with the calibre of governors, a marked lack of understanding and reluctance to use digital and much more.

Have they got is right or totally wrong?  Most FE staff have strong feelings over this but tend not to voice their views too loudly. What is your view?

The full article can be found in my regular column on FE News.



Video Micro-Moments Drive Engagement and Sales

Google video micro moments

Graphic courtesy of Google

When customers, prospective students or employers look for answers to their problems, want to discover new things, or have to make decisions, they often go online for help. Google calls these times micro-moments.

We need to recognise that our customers are doing this on a wide range of devices when they go to  your website or app, and ….. increasingly ….. they’re happening on YouTube.

So providers need a strategy to engage with searchers at this time; the time when they want help and advice.

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The Prospectus in the Digital Age

Hartpury prospectus circa 1990The Prospectus is a Major FHE Marketing Expense.

Major costs are incurred in aggregating the course and other information required.  More costs are incurred in designing the hard copy publication. Printing is a huge cost.  And distribution, especially via the post, can add another huge bill to the total cost.

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How to Create a Video Ad on Facebook

Facebook Video ads are a great low cost way to engage with a your prospects or current students.  Click on the images to see the detail.

FB video ads: starting the processI’ve already added my “Tiger” video and have let that run without any advertising or promotion.  Now I want to create a video ad. So from my FaceBook photos tab I  click on the “create advert” button.

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How To Use Animated Calls to Actions

How to get people to subscribe or enrol Getting prospects on your website from interested to enrolled is sometimes difficult.

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DiscoveringFutures Event @ Magic Circle

The Social Media ChallengeI’m speaking at the Discovering Futures conference on Thursday .. why not book a place?


Google DiscoveringFutures conference and discover more now.


What is the Purpose of Social Media?

There's more to social media than likes, fans and followersLikes, Fans and Followers are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to social media.  

We are constantly encouraged to use social media because we are told that this is where young people are ….. but will thousands of “likes” really drive your recruitment campaign? Continue reading


Improve Your Marketing with Camtasia Studio

 camtasia studio for the production of video and screencastsWhat is Camtasia?



Although Camtasia Studio gets superb reviews from users and professional reviewers not many people in the education sector know it or use it.

They have really missed out on an excellent marketing tool.

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Alternatives to a Hard Copy Prospectus

The cWhat alternatives to the printed prospectus exist?

It is easy to think digital .. but what about the practicalities, what are the alternatives to publishing a hard copy prospectus?

More and more providers are either relying totally on digital or blending digital with a reduced print run or smaller, less detailed, hard copy prospectus.

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Digital Prospectus at #AOCDE13 Websites & More

Does digital mean using  a websiteDoes producing a digital prospectus mean a fancy website?

An effective website is important for all sorts of reasons but not essential when producing a digital prospectus.

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AOC Digital: Live Report on Digital Prospectus Part 3

The College prospectus of the futureThe college prospectus of the future is going to be digital rather than paper based.

It is easy to assume this but is it so.  Even though most people are now able to access and use the web there is a strong psychological attachment to the touch and feel of a printed prospectus.  Digital is immediate and low cost; but it doesn’t touch all five senses.

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Live from AOC Digital: #AOCDE13 Prospectus History Dictates the Future

College prospectus historyPart two of the Digital Prospectus; Live from London addresses the history of the paper prospectus and the impact on digital.

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Live from London: #AOCDE13 The Digital Prospectus

The Digital Prospectus; is there an alternative? The following series of posts are taken from a presentation made on The Digital Prospectus at the AOC Digital Conference 2013.

They are being automatically posted in real time as the presentation takes place.  Such is the power of the web.

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