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Three Email Marketing Mistakes to Avoid

I first started using email in 1996, the year Hotmail was started. It was useless in terms of FE marketing for one simple reason. There were very few people with Hotmail or any other sort of email accounts. None of my friends had one and none of my college’s target audience understood what email was.

It was several years before colleges started using email to communicate with prospects and even longer before we all had websites.

Fax still ruled and mobile phones were so big and heavy that “mobile” seemed to be a misleading description.

So I’ve been using email for FE marketing so long that I suppose that makes me a bit of an expert.

Expert or not, there are lots of words of wisdom written about email marketing, I have to think twice about.  So much accepted wisdom is just plain mad. Continue reading


The True Purpose of Posters

Posters are a popular way to disseminate information. But they often miss the point

Whenever we produce a poster it is easy to say they are for information. But is that all they are being produced to do?

Let’s take a very simple poster .. or sign. If it says To the Beach it is providing information.  But the information is useless unless we add an arrow.  Even then the sign has failed if it does not get people to act upon the Call to Action we have provided.  Continue reading


The Prospectus in the Digital Age

Hartpury prospectus circa 1990The Prospectus is a Major FHE Marketing Expense.

Major costs are incurred in aggregating the course and other information required.  More costs are incurred in designing the hard copy publication. Printing is a huge cost.  And distribution, especially via the post, can add another huge bill to the total cost.

Continue reading


Royalty Free Photos

Giant Sand Dunes in Namibia Continuing the series focussing on where to get Royalty Free materials

PhotoDune is an Australian  site that carries over 4 million images.


The sand dune on this page is from my own library and demonstrates that there is still a place for using our own resources.

Continue reading


Does Your Offer “Resonate” With Your Prospective Students?

These bells resonate but does your offer resonate with your propsects In education we often talk about engaging with people as in Employer Engagement.

But isn’t engagement a bit passive?

Would it not be better to resonate with them? Let me explain with some definitions and examples. Continue reading


Wire Frames For Your Webpage Designs

Balsamiq is for designing wireframesWant to visualise or plan a new website, webpage or app?

Balsamiq is a piece of software that is used to create wireframes for webpages, mobiles, and a lot more.  Single user licences are only $79 at the time of writing, with free lifetime upgrades.

Many of my colleagues have downloaded it and found it invaluable.

Why not take a trial and see if it works for you?


The Digital Prospectus: What is it?

The term Digital Prospectus is frequently used but it seems to mean difference things to different people.

To some it means a prospectus pdf or page turner on a website; whilst to others it is something much more dramatic.  At this years AOC Digital Conference I  explained the concept as I understand it.

This short video encapsulates my thoughts into less than 5 minutes .. some feat when I’ve taken years to develop a concept that works extremely well.


What is Kuler?

kuler is a colour selection toolKuler is a really useful tool for selecting the perfect colour for any print or screen design job.

Simply choose a colour and then use it to find analogous, monochromatic & complementary colours.  You can even use it to find shades or hues of suitable colours. Continue reading