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How to Ensure Your Customer Information is Current

Richard Atkins can be found by performing a Google SearchHow To Update Customer Information

We all know Customer Information or customer intelligence is vital. But keeping on top of change is hard.
For example how do you know what is happening in a customer’s business? Things like new staff, new premises, new products and services, new contracts plus all the problems they can encounter.

You could spend days each month checking for Customer Information in newspapers, websites, brochures, social media and much more .. and still not keep up on one customer. And what happens when you have 20 or even several hundred clients? Continue reading


How LinkedIn “CRM” Keeps Track of Email Exchanges

LinkedIn CRM Functions include email tracking

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LinkedIn has several functions beyond the ability to make notes on contacts.

It also keeps track of any emails you send via LinkedIn.  Coupled with the Reminder function this makes it a quite a powerful CRM type tool.

And when you add the LinkedIn Connect app it is even more powerful as it sends you relationship reminders without the distraction of other information, posts etc.  Perfect for working hours; leaving non working hours for enjoying posts and much more.



How To Use LinkedIn as a “CRM” System

LinkedIn has many CRM FunctionsMost people miss most of the functions that LinkedIn offers and whilst it will never fully substitute as a CRM system, it has some functions that will replicate a few of them.  This makes it a great Employer Engagement tool.

Bearing in mind that so few FE organisations have little in the way of CRM systems these are worth considering.

On the image above I’ve marked 6 functions that can be found on LinkedIn profiles.  Go to anyone you have linked with and you’ll find it at the top of their profile (just under their photo).

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Choosing a CRM System: The Golden Rule

The Golden Rule about specifying a CRM system How to specify a CRM system .. the Golden Rule

Sadly few providers have a fully functioning CRM system.

There are several reasons for this and here is the most common I’ve come across.  It is called ….

Not Invented Here

This is how to overcome Not Invented Here.

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How to Build a Productive Mailing List of Young People and Employers

Getting followers on Twitter and people liking your posts on Facebook is great; but are they really fully engaged?

Do they look forward to hearing from you?

Of course the above are not without value but more powerful is a list of people that have opted in to receive really targeted information from you. These are  are the followers you really need.

How do you build a mailing list of pre-qualified people that really want to hear from you?

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The Perfect CRM system?

CiViCRM for FHE and training providers CRM systems present providers with all sorts of nightmares.  Expensive to purchase and run, they are also often poorly understood (everyone knows we should have one but no one can quite say why!) and never used to full capacity.

They also have a reputation for failing to work with existing websites, MIS, finance systems and much more.

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How a LinkedIn Group saved me Weeks of Worry

How LinkedIn helps CRM LinkedIn Groups can solve Business Development Problems

I’ve been looking for the perfect CRM system. Most of them are very expensive and don’t really do all I, and my client, want.

Here is an example of how I used LinkedIn to solve my CRM problem.

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