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The “Meet Richard Branson” Principle

If you were offered the chance to meet Richard Branson or an insurance salesman, to discuss whatever was on your mind, which would you choose?

My guess is you would say Richard Branson simply because he would probably say something that really resonated with your working life in some way or other.

Of course, like me, you might think insurance is a necessary evil but it doesn’t grab your attention so easily.

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Pragmatic FHE Brand Experiences: Lessons From Success and Failure

Many Education Providers Think They Have a Brand. But Do They Understand It?

How branding has been successfully implemented (and failed) in the FE sector is Stefan Drew’s topic at the Discovering Futures in June. Drawing on his experience of implementing brand strategies, across the UK FHE and training sectors, he explains how he utilised oak trees, people, geography, royalty, pigs and plenty of new tarmac to build one brand.

There will be a conference website soon. but if you want me to let you know when it is launched drop me an email.


Using Facebook Advertising to Undertake Market Research #AoCcomms @AoC_Create

Using Facebook Advertising to conduct market researchFacebook is more than a social media programme.  It is also an advertising platform via which market research can be conducted.

In fact it is possible to use it as a market research tool without spending any money on advertising.

On March 12th 2015 I’ll be showing the attendees of the AoC Communications and Digital Marketing Conference how to do this.

Come along and get first hand knowledge of how providers are using Facebook for both advertising and market research.  You can book here




Live from the #DiscoveringFutures event at the Magic Circle

planning is essential in social mediaThis post is being sent live from the #DiscoveringFutures

event in London.


The event is being held at the Magic Circle and has delegates from the UK, Eire and Denmark.

So let’s get down to business ….  

I believe there are two very dangerous things in life. 

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DiscoveringFutures Event @ Magic Circle

The Social Media ChallengeI’m speaking at the Discovering Futures conference on Thursday .. why not book a place?


Google DiscoveringFutures conference and discover more now.


Graduation & Events: Seating Plans on EventBrite

seating plan for college graduationEventBrite have now introduced the opportunity to “sell” reserved seating at different prices.

Not sure how this will affect colleges and training providers?  Then think about nil pricing and seat allocation for graduation ceremonies and other public and invitation only events.

And of course you can still use it for selling tickets for conferences.

For more see EventBrite  Reserved Seating 




PowerPoint Shortcut

Slide1PowerPoint is like Marmite, you love it or hate it.

But hating it usually means, haven’t yet mastered the intricacies of PowerPoint.

There are lots of shortcuts.  For example, if you want to include organisational charts  you can add them as an image.  Or you can insert a chart and then modify it.

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Lessons from the AoC Business Development conference

Business Development ideas for FE / FHE colleges The AOC Business Development conference was a great success; over 120 people from a wide range of college based and private providers attended.

As I was one of the speakers and am a regular contributor to FENews this leads to a predictable outcome …. so here is my FENews article on Lessons from the AOC Business Development conference