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Project Manager or Process Manager

Process & Project Managers Follow Different Career Paths

Is this a Process or Project Manager Role?

A client has decided they want a new marketing manager.

So I asked if they wanted a process of project manager and they looked confused.

Project managers being people who take your objectives and ideas and make them work.  They can be full time employees, consultants or interims called in to sort out a problem.

Once they have a workable solution they then hand it to others to make it recur consistently.  Most often they will hand over the exact process to be used to obtain the same great result time after time.

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Your Career: Using LinkedIn to Market Yourself

LinkedIn logo Getting Headhunted on LinkedIn

I know several people who are now working in jobs for which they were headhunted via LinkedIn.

If, like most people in your field, you are ambitious you will want to know of any suitable posts you could apply for. The problem is many new posts are no longer advertised. In many cases the right candidates are now headhunted online before being invited to apply.

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Listen to Dr Srikumar Rao Live in London

Senior staff at Microsoft, Google, Merrill Lynch, Chubb, IBM, Johnson and Johnson, Deutsche Bank, Accenture. Tata & Yahoo pay big money to get advice from Dr Srikumar Rao.

Not only is Srikumar a noted academic and TED presenter; he is someone who also advises me from time to time.  I’ve known Srikumar for a quite a while for a simple reason.  We mastermind together.  That means we get together once a month and exchange ideas.

Srikumar used to teach on MBA programs at Columbia. You can also find his TED talks on YouTube (see below) and he runs a Personal Mastery course that gets rave reviews.

This course normally costs $1000s and is normally only run for private clients.

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How To Use LinkedIn to Find Prospects

LinkedIn is about relationships with customers and contacts You can be a passive user of LinkedIn and lose lots of opportunities or you can use LinkedIn for a few minutes, twice a week, and see results in hours.

Most people like you and I are on LinkedIn but they don’t really understand the power of LinkedIn.  They don’t realise that in just a few minutes each week it is quite easy to stimulate interest from a contact .. without writing a word.

It is also quite easy and quick to start up a conversation that has been initiated by the person you want to “buy” from you.

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Improve Your Performance: Your Learning Log

Learning Logs are a great way to achieve personal goals and determine bottlenecks in your career.


Some of the people I coach are not only interested in getting technically better at their jobs they also want to improve their personal achievements.  In both cases I suggest a Learning Log.

Essentially a Learning Log helps you determine and track progress to chosen goals .. but it does more than this.  It ensures you focus on your objectives and don’t keep putting off until tomorrow what you should do today.

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LinkedIn Strategies to Build Your Career

How to boost your career with LinkedIn LinkedIn is More than an Online CV

But sadly most people don’t use it for this purpose at all .. and if you are building a career this is a tool not to be ignored.

My son in law changed jobs a year ago .. all as a result to someone approaching him via LinkedIn.  They liked his profile, invited him for a beer one night and offered him a job that same evening.  He wasn’t looking for a new job but they had trawled the web looking for the right person to fill a new post and his profile ticked all the right boxes.  He now has a new job and a salary that is considerably higher than before.  Here is a LinkedIn tip to help build your career.

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Do You Have the Right Mindset for Success?

Adopt the right mindset and your career could fly highTake Control of Your Work & Career.

Working in education can be quite draining.  There is always another government initiative or an Inspection looming and it is easy to lose your enthusiasm.

It is easy to sit back and think “it’ll be better once September is here” or “we will muddle through”.

Perhaps it will .. but it is a passive way to live.  If  you let this dominate your thinking you are unlikely to succeed at much in life.  So why aren’t you a high flyer?

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How Social Media Can Impair Your Career Prospects

Social media and your CV

Social Media & Your Job Application

A friend of mine is a Head of HR in a large college.

He oversees the recruitment of a lot of people each year.

At the last staff training session he taught all his staff how to screen applicants social media profiles against their CV.  All his staff now look at the applicant’s LinkedIn profile to verify dates, roles etc.  Then they cross check against Facebook.

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