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FE Project Manages Specific Tasks Every Day .. Here is the Success Secret

Project Management is key to FE management success

Trello FE Project Management Example

Everything we do in FE seems to be a project. From teaching and marketing to building a new campus.  It’s all about Project Management.

But often our project management skills aren’t great. We could do much better at Project Management. At things like initiating, planning, implementing, controlling, and completing specific processes required to achieve specific tasks.  And we need to remember that everything needs to be achieved within a specific time frame and to budget. Continue reading


How to Market a College Restaurant

 How to market a college restaurant The college restaurant is an essential part of the catering and hospitality offer in many colleges. And in an age of underfunding it can also be an essential profit generator. So How to Market a College Restaurant is the question many HODs and FDs are asking.

Sadly, many College Restaurants fail to attract sufficient numbers of customers. They don’t provide the necessary amount of experience the students deserve, or the level of income and profit generation expected.

So how can customer numbers and income be increased? How do you successfully market a college restaurant? 

These are the questions I set out to address when I wrote my latest book. And although I wrote it from the perspective of any Restaurant, Coffee Shop, Café, Tea Rooms, Pub, Wine Bar and Other Food and Drink Outlet, the advice is highly relevant to a college restaurant.

To write the book I’ve visited college restaurants, plus commercial premises in the UK, Spain, Portugal, USA, South Africa and Eire. I’ve also sought the advice of restaurant owners, MDs and managers across the globe.

Here’s a Contents list to indicate what this 36,000 word book, How to Market a College Restaurant, covers.


Why This Book Exists


A dream comes true


Most People Think Advertising is Marketing

Three Types of Advertising

Brand Advertising

Direct Sales Advertising

Relationship Building Advertising

AIDA Stands For ….

What is Marketing?

Location (Place)

Customer Profiles

More About Surveys

Cuisine Type

Customer Service

Dress Codes and Staff Dress

Traditional Marketing

The 4 Ps


Portion Control

Values, Keywords/Phrases e.g. Locally Sourced, From Our Garden or Greenhouse

Traditional Advertising

Who is Your Next Customer?

Referral Business



PR – Public Relations

Magazine Articles

Video PR

Why Drive Away Business?

HARO, ExpertSources and Other Directories

Campaigns and Events

Brochures, Leaflets and Printed Materials



Multiple Offers

SEO – URL Keyword Phrases and Content

Simple SEO Actions

Wi-Fi Bandwidth is a Marketing and Operations Issue

Online Menus and Ordering

More Online Menu Advantages

Pagers Versus Text Notifications

The Internet of Things (IoT)

Beacons (aka Proximity Beacons)



Customer Service Subtleties

How Hotel Restaurants Can Look Disorganised

Understanding Hospitality Trends

More Hospitality Research Abstracts

Other Information Sources

Payment Trends

External Events

Digital Marketing

Social Media








Personal Profiles


The Controversial Question of Photography

The Consumer Buying Process

Social Media to Raise Awareness

Social Media Advertising

Third Party Sites … TripAdvisor, Toptable etc.

Google Maps ….. Bing, Safari and More

Getting Google Reviews

Increasing Prices

Tipping Policy

Quirky Marketing Ideas

Cooking Aromas


Views of Food, Kitchen and the External View

Sound, Music and TV

The Bill and Recipe …. to CRM

Your Perfect Marketing Plan

Want more information on restaurant marketing? check out this link

You can find more of my FE articles on the FE News website


What is a ChatBot or Bot?

Bots or Chatbots work 24/7 so you don't have to

Chatbots carry out repetitive admin tasks 24/7 .. they don’t just work in factories

Chatbots or bots are  an automated or semi-automated software tools that can carry out repetitive and mundane tasks 24/7. They are usually used as a communications tool.

Bots are very common and can undertake admin tasks such as answering emails. Other examples you will undoubtedly come across include the Googlebot. Google uses Googlebot to index the huge volumes of new content being uploaded to the web every second. Its a repetitive admin task that’s been automated with a bot. Continue reading


How to Market a College Restaurant To Boost Profits & Recruitment

How to Market a College Restaurant Marketing a College Restaurant: This is Often Low Down on the Priority List in Many Colleges. But When You Effectively Promote the College Restaurant The ROI is Huge

To simplify the college restaurant marketing process I use  simple templates to determine answers to a series of questions that lead towards the marketing plan. The templates vary from college to college but you’ll get a feel of what I’m looking for from these typical questions. See Below …. Continue reading


Countdown Timers & Other Clever Apps

Countdown timer s are an example of clever apps Countdown Timers and Clever Apps for Almost Anything are Everywhere

Earlier today a client asked if it were possible to put an app on their website. It took 6-7 minutes to Google, find and embed the one below on this page.

Why Use a Countdown Timer? 

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New from YouTube: Tip Jar

YouTube Have Introduced “Tip Jar” to Video Channels

As a means to crowd fund or raise money for charity this seems a great idea.

the only problem is it is only available in beta in the US, Australia, Mexico and Japan so far.  But there si a staged roll out so watch for it in the UK where it has great potential for training providers and students.



Are You Using Auto-Research?

Using google Trends to boost Advertising and SalesNone of us have time to waste so automating certain tasks is an obvious way forward.

One such area is research.  Simple research tasks can be easily automated as the image on this page indicates.

I wanted to know if searches on Google for “Business Training” were static, on the up or nose diving.  This is how I did it.

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Business Development & Marketing Insights

Sometimes it’s worth looking outside our own sector to see what others are doing.

Here’s a short video demonstrating an innovative idea an Australian charity used to grab the attention of  potential corporate donors.   I’m not sure you could exactly copy this in FE but it does made me think about other ways to attract attention.

How will you use this idea to make contact with potential clients?

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What the Wall Street Journal’s Sales Letter can Teach us in FE

sales letters ework when sent by email or snail mailSales Letters Aren’t Dead .. Even in the Digital Age

In fact in many ways sales letters are more important than ever for one simple reason.  They work.

And actually today you have two options to choose from.  You can send them by snail mail or by email.  Both work.

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How to Prioritise Your Workload

Where do your priorities lie? Too much work? Prioritise it.

When the Olympic rowing team were preparing for competition they faced the priorities question many times. They had a very simple answer, that applies equally to Providers.

They recognised that they had one aim; to row faster than every other team. If they could do this they would win Gold. So their priorities were always addressed with the question, “Will it make the boat go faster?”. Continue reading


Why so Many Marketing Campaigns Fail

How to plan sales and marketing

Marketing needs to be run like a military campaigns. You need plans that everyone understands

Don’t let your sales fail for want of adequate planning.


OK so I know you are part of a professional marketing team and YOU know what you are doing.  But are all team members 100% on board with what you are trying to achieve and what their part in the campaign is? Continue reading


Shiny New Toys; Key Messages, Repetition & Consistency

Shiny new marketing toys can be dangerous The Value of Shiny New Marketing Toys

If you were to believe some of the gurus, there is only one way to market a college or training organisation.

They say you need to use whichever “shiny new toy” they are promoting this week. The problem is that each guru has a different “shiny new toy” and they keep changing toys every few months.

What they seem to forget is that these toys are only marketing channels.  They are a way to get your message out there.

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Do you Have a Referrals Strategy?

A referrals strategy is essential for business developmentDo you Have a Referrals Strategy?

Even if it is written on the back of an envelope you need some sort of strategy or plan.

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Networking: How to Introduce Intrigue in Your Introductions

man with intriguing symbolWhen meeting someone new at a networking event it is easy to get dragged into a long conversation that leads nowhere.  The result is a wasted morning with little to show for it.


Wouldn’t it be better if you could get to know someone and get asked to talk them through one of their pressing problems?

Here is the technique I use .. and it works almost every time.

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How Business Profiles Can Help Improve Marketing & Sales

Business profiles can be used to significantly improve marketing and sales.

We’ve previously looked at how to use customer profiles to better market to individuals, now I want to focus on  business profiles .. the sort of characteristics that certain businesses share.

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How to Market Apprenticeships to School Leavers

Want to be an apprentice?Apprenticeships are at the heart of what many providers offer. Marketing apprenticeships is therefore a key activity and should repay with a big ROI.

Apprenticeship marketing isn’t always as straight forward as it might be … and here are some tips on how it can be done well. But first let’s take a quick look at poor apprenticeship marketing and learn lessons from other people’s mistakes!

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Use Customer Profiles to Significantly Increase Marketing Effectiveness

Who is your target audience: cusotmer profiles are keyHow to target your marketing and communications.

Writing web copy, sending out flyers and adverts and blasting out emails is likely to be totally ineffective if you don’t align your message with your audience.

To do this you need to profile your target audience.  Let’s start with individuals and think about businesses in another post.

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Being Noticed by the Media

How to get in the media Getting Noticed by the Media .. for the right reasons … is something all PR professionals want.

It normally means writing loads of media releases in the hope that a good percentage get used by the media.

Inevitably that means some of the PR effort falls on stony ground and is lost.  I well remember having some real good stories that were spiked after world events take control.  In March 2002 I planned a really great story.  It focused on an event that took place on the last Saturday in the month .. my front page story died when the Queen Mother died late that afternoon.

This is how you overcome the problem.

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FE Marketing Secrets

FE Marketing Secrets  1This is an a example of 8 posts, being posted live from the FE Marketing Secrets seminar in Manchester

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Video Recruitment Secrets

FE News recruitment Secrets Video Recruitment Secrets: Are there any?

Yes absolutely.

The fact is most providers are spending a fortune on marketing …. a lot of it wasted, simply because they ignore marketing channels with demonstrably better ROI.

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