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Really Simple Guide to Bots Launched on Kindle

A Really Simple Guide to BotsWant a Really Simple Guide to Bots? 

Our Guide to Bots pdf has been downloaded loads of times so we decided to turn it into a book for downloading on Kindle via Amazon’s numerous sites.

Why Use Amazon to Promote Bots?

Simple. Loads of people start with Amazon when searching for information. They realise that Amazon is a huge database of information and that if they want a Guide to Bots this is a good place to start.

It’s not that Google isn’t good .. it’s the Gold Standard for search. But if a book is loaded into Amazon it is there before it can be listed on Google. And of course if people find what they need on Amazon they don’t even search on Google.

So if you want your copy of A Really Simple Guide to Bots just follow the link and grab a copy from Amazon Kindle.


Creating Business Growth in FE

Creating Business GrowthCreating Business Growth: 21 Successful Marketers Reveal Their Top Business Marketing Secrets is my new marketing book.

Imagine if you could get marketing advice from over 20 leading marketing authorities, including a Professor who is a TED speaker, a former White House writer and several best selling authors that practice what they preach.  In fact these guys only teach a technique when they have used the technique for a long time and thoroughly tested it.

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