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How to Brief a Website Designer

How to Brief a Website Designer. Website Specification is Essential if You are to brief your website designerWebsites Cost a Lot of Money, So Correctly Briefing Your Website Designer is Vital if You Want Value for Money from Your Designer

How to Brief a Website Designer

Over the last ten years I’ve specified a lot of education websites. I’ve also reviewed a lot of website specs drawn up by providers. So How to Brief a Website Designer is now second nature to me; but lots of people struggle with it. Specifying the website is key to getting your site right, but it needs detailed and concise specification.

A lot of good web designers tell me that too many clients haven’t much idea what they want in a website except it should be a “good site” or a site like one of their competitors.

No designer can give you value for money with such an imprecise specification. The good ones will probe for detail but the unethical designers (and there are a lot of them out there) will rip you off by fulfilling your imprecise instructions at high cost (then blame you for not briefing them properly).

Website Specification Detail

In the last few years I’ve specified many websites and my experience is that a specification needs to be at least 30-40 pages in length to be detailed enough to provide a designer with sufficient information. And I don’t mean a document full of screengrabs of sites that are liked or disliked; I mean hard facts.

It is necessary to specify your customer profiles, the products and/or services you wish to offer, the Calls to Action you require to be followed and the apps, plugins and functions you wish to provide.  In most cases it is the function we wish to provide e.g. an appointment booking system, rather than the actual app or plugin to be used as the designer should have a more up to date knowledge of these and how they will interface with other systems and functions. Continue reading


How to Use Google Analytics to Track Website Downloads

If we are going to be effective when marketing, and not waste time or money, we need to carefully track what is happening on our website.  

In this video, my colleague, Vernon Riley, explains how amazingly simple it is to track things like pdf downloads on your website.

For example you can tel how many downloads were made as a result of an advert in the paper as opposed to the email you sent to employers.


Let Vernon or me know if you’d like to discuss your Analytics options in more detail.


Are You Measuring What Matters Most; Or What is Easy?

Get ALL your stats in one place. Marketers: Do you Measure What’s Easy or What Matters?

Getting stats on social media and your website is easy.   Facebook, Twitter and all the other sites provide metrics on likes, followers, etc.  Some of these matter and some don’t.

Arguably an application on your website matters more than a like on Facebook and it is measurable with Google Analytics.  But what about the other things that matter but aren’t easy to measure?  Should you really ignore them?

Continue reading