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Student & Stakeholder Perceptions of HE: Brand Parody or Reality

What do people think when you say college, apprenticeship or university.

What emotions and thoughts do these brands create in the minds of parents, prospective students and employers? ?

Is it having a great time, future earnings or paying off student loans?

Or is it as this parody video portrays? Indeed is it parody or reality.

It seems the principles that come across in this video could apply to all of FHE.


If there is any semblance of reality here what can you do to redress the balance?


FE News: Is This The Stupidest Thing FE Has Ever Done?

Alumni: Is this the stupidest thing FE has ever done? FE has done some stupid things over the years

(I know, I’ve made mistakes myself) ….

but this has to be the stupidest.

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