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How to Create a Video Ad on Facebook

Facebook Video ads are a great low cost way to engage with a your prospects or current students.  Click on the images to see the detail.

FB video ads: starting the processI’ve already added my “Tiger” video and have let that run without any advertising or promotion.  Now I want to create a video ad. So from my FaceBook photos tab I  click on the “create advert” button.

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Implementing a WHY Strategy

FE News article by Stefan Drew on Implementing Why in FEBeing published is a great way to get noticed as a provider or an individual.

Sometimes the response if so good the publishers want more .. and  they want it now.

My FE Now article entitled The answer to FE problems is “Why?” has so many social shares that I was asked to write more on the topic … so I wrote about Implementing WHY in FE.

There are three things to learn from this …

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What is the Purpose of Social Media?

There's more to social media than likes, fans and followersLikes, Fans and Followers are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to social media.  

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How To Attract Attention on Websites and Blogs

Moving images attract attention to our websites and blogs As a hunter gatherer species we are programmed to notice movement and that has a fundamental impact on our business marketing.

Of course there are hundreds of things that you can do to attract attention on websites,  blogs and adverts but I want to focus on just one that will make your post stand out from all the others.

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FE & Railway Station Adverts: Effective or a Money Wasting Idea?

20130603_151417I’m seeing an increasing number of FE establishments advertising on the railways.

Some sponsor the station itself, some grab all the advertising space at their nearest underground and some just dot ads close to local stations.

In all cases the argument is that of footfall.  A lot of people use stations I’m told.  I’m told they’ll see the ads as they wait or get off of trains. Well on that basis a lot of people use motorways so ads on or near slip roads also makes sense.

Is rail station advertising a good use of the marketing budget? Could we make some budget savings here?

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Shiny New Toys; Key Messages, Repetition & Consistency

Shiny new marketing toys can be dangerous The Value of Shiny New Marketing Toys

If you were to believe some of the gurus, there is only one way to market a college or training organisation.

They say you need to use whichever “shiny new toy” they are promoting this week. The problem is that each guru has a different “shiny new toy” and they keep changing toys every few months.

What they seem to forget is that these toys are only marketing channels.  They are a way to get your message out there.

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What is Marketing?

What is Marketing? How Do You Develop a Marketing Strategy? I know what Business Development is .. but

Marketing Confuses Me


Marketing is all about satisfying customer needs and wants .. and doing so profitably.

It is quite simple and you don’t need special shoes or a flashy suit. Most of it is just common sense.  The rest is simple software and knowing how to use it.

I just wish common sense were more common! So think through the issues before placing an advert .. because most adverts don’t work!


Should You Advertise That?

Most advertising doesn't work Most advertising doesn’t work … so

Should You Advertise Training Courses?

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Advertising Cost Gender Bias

Advertising costs vary by gender targetHave you noticed that the cost of advertising to women and men is different.

I don’t mean traditional advertising in the printed media or on outdoor sites.  I mean PPC; where you precisely target ads by age, interest, location, gender etc.


Gender Based Case Study from Facebook

Consider the Facebook Newsfeed campaign I’m presently running.

My objective is to get people to click through to a landing page on my website.  But I’m split testing,  i.e. I use the same image and copy and and the same target criteria but run two versions of the advert.  The difference between the versions is gender based.

The results are interesting.  The ad where I target females gets more than double the number of clicks than the same advert targeted at males.  The other difference is cost.  I’m charged approx 50% less for clicks where the ads target females.

But it isn’t that simple …

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Google Adwords: Mistakes to Avoid

Adwords can deliver high CTR at low costAdwords Myth: No one clicks on Google Adwords

Most people I meet claim never to click on an Adwords ad.  If that is correct then why is Google making so much money from Adwords?

What does this mean to providers?

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Using Facebook as a Research Tool

Data capture is at the heart of Facebook advertisingIf you’ve been using Facebook ads for more than 24 hours you have a wealth of prospect data

Most people either don’t know about this or don’t bother with it.

That is a mistake.  

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Google v Bing Places for Business

Bing Places for College & Trainer Marketing Ltd If you’ve ever attended one of my training days or heard me speak at a conference you’ll know I’m passionate about free marketing techniques and things like Google Places.


Google Places or Google Places for Business has been around for years and are a way to get your establishment on a Google Map, in Google searches and to even appear as a free “advert” on SatNav systems  like TomTom.

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Cartoons for Marketing & Sales Literature

How to Tell a Story in Pictures

Free marketing account at Bedford College

Produce cartoons at no cost in minutes
Click the image for a larger image view

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Tell a Story …. to Market Your Restaurant.

Restaurant Marketing Use your loaf and sell the flourPeople love stories and local artisan produce  …. and this can help you sell your restaurant.

The image on this page is a perfect example of how my local pub does this and you can adapt this idea.

Around the pub they have quality posters that explain how their bread is made from local flour milled by a local miller and eaten by local people.

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How to Split Test Facebook Ads the Quick Way

How to split test facebook ads using the facebook Power EditorHow to produce & split test Facebook ads using the Facebook Power Editor

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Advertising Secrets Webinar

Advertising Secrets webinar can be dowloaded hereA few weeks ago, after Marketing Secrets became an Amazon Best Seller, I was interviewed on a webinar by an old friend of mine, Mike Seddon.

During the webinar I go in depth into some of the Advertising Secrets from the book and reveal a few more secrets that never got published.

So let me encourage you to download the webinar to hear and see more.  Get  a download by clicking on the following link …. Advertising Secrets webinar  (takes you to


Why You Should Use Webinars to Market Your Provision

There is another reason why you should see this webinar.  It is just one example of one of the many video based tools that you should now be using to market your provision.

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Making YouTube Links Clickable

YouTube tips for FHE Providersif you want people that find your video on YouTube your website easily find you there is a very simple way to do this.

For each video you put on YouTube ensure you add your url to the description box.

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How to Produce 50 Great Headlines for Your Marketing Message

How to generate great headliness Getting ideas for headlines that attract attention and get great open rates is a real challenge.

We all know that good headlines increase open and click through rates but thinking up great headlines takes a lot of time and perseverance.

I’m only suggest just one thing .. not 50 as suggested in the headline.  But don’t get discouraged as the site I’m going to send you to will produce over a 100 ideas in less than a minute.

Look at this title generator.  It isn’t the total answer to life, the universe and everything but it will get you started.


How to Build a Productive Mailing List of Young People and Employers

Getting followers on Twitter and people liking your posts on Facebook is great; but are they really fully engaged?

Do they look forward to hearing from you?

Of course the above are not without value but more powerful is a list of people that have opted in to receive really targeted information from you. These are  are the followers you really need.

How do you build a mailing list of pre-qualified people that really want to hear from you?

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Adwords has been Enhanced

Enhanced adwordsWant to focus on mobile based advertising?

Well your wish has been answered.  Google Adwords has been enhanced and targeting mobile devices is now much easier.

Enhanced Adwords started being rolled out to all accounts, that hadn’t previously manually upgraded, on July 22nd.  So your ads are quite likely already affected.

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