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Does Your Agency Tie You into PPC by using their platform and not yours?

Valuable data shouldnt be given away to PPC agencies PPC Agencies Can Save Time & Money Or Tie YOU into Their Advertising System Without Escape

I see plenty of instances where providers are using marketing and PPC Agencies. Sometimes the results are good, sometimes not very good at all. But there is something that many providers miss when signing up to an agency. It is who owns and controls the data that is being gathered and the results of all the money you spend on ads.

It works like this. To place PPC ads you need an account. The account is the platform where all ads are placed and the results are stored. These results are powerful. They enable us to determine what to tweak, what to improve and what worked well. They also allow us to re-run successful ads at any time in the future.

So ownership of the platform is vital.

The problem is many agencies prefer to run your ads on THEIR platform. That means you have no access to YOUR results. You are therefore tied to them for future advertising. Of course, they don’t tell you this at the outset. And if you query it they tell you all sorts of stories about h0ow using their platform is lower cost, that it is optimised and other bullshit.

Protect Yourself from Unscrupulous PPC Agencies

YOUR Data is valuable. Ensure you keep hold of it and never allow an agency to steal it or control it.

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How FE Can Use OmniAdvertising to Advantage

Advertising is far more powerful if the audience get a consistent message across all channels.

That means, for example, print adverts should be converted into 6-10 second ads for social media.

That ads should point at relevant webpages where they are repeated.

We call this OmniAdvertising

How to Use OmniAdvertising

OmniAdvertising is being used by commercial companies like Clinique where responses rates have increased by 68%.

The secret is to use consistent messages across all platforms

Plan your print ads with Omniadvertising video shorties in mind

Convert print ads to video shorties …. Just like the one we made on Animal Care courses.. it’s embeded in the following one minute video


How to Market a College Restaurant To Boost Profits & Recruitment

How to Market a College Restaurant Marketing a College Restaurant: This is Often Low Down on the Priority List in Many Colleges. But When You Effectively Promote the College Restaurant The ROI is Huge

To simplify the college restaurant marketing process I use  simple templates to determine answers to a series of questions that lead towards the marketing plan. The templates vary from college to college but you’ll get a feel of what I’m looking for from these typical questions. See Below …. Continue reading


Website Video Banners Are Key to Traffic and Dwell Time

Website Video Banners are easy with CoverrGrabbing Attention is Key to Video Traffic and Dwell Time. Website Video Banners Achieve This

The problem is you have to make a video, edit it, embed it on your website .. it all takes time.

But what if you could just download a video and drop it onto your website very quickly and easily?

That’s where Coverr comes in (have you noticed how so many of these sites end in a double R?)

Coverr provides both the video and the embed code .. so its much quicker and easier to embed and simple video and grab more eyeballs.


Perceptions Speak Volumes

When Writing Copy for Websites, Printed Material, Social Media & Menus We Need to Consider The Readers Perceptions

Michelin starred chef, Heston Blumenthal, tells a wonderful story of having spent weeks developing crab ice cream only to find few people ordered it. This story is about perceptions.

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The True Purpose of Posters

Posters are a popular way to disseminate information. But they often miss the point

Whenever we produce a poster it is easy to say they are for information. But is that all they are being produced to do?

Let’s take a very simple poster .. or sign. If it says To the Beach it is providing information.  But the information is useless unless we add an arrow.  Even then the sign has failed if it does not get people to act upon the Call to Action we have provided.  Continue reading


The Question “Why?” is Key to FE Management


It is the most fundamental question of all time. But it impacts FE unlike any other question.

Answer this one question and you have a starting place; a reason to get up in the morning and to be happy at work.

It also gives staff a  reason to give of their best .. and that means an effective college; a Grade 1 college.

Simon Sinek explains the question Why and how it has impacted the power of flight, Apple and much more.


The Power of Three in Sales & Marketing

The Power of Three in Sales and markletingThe Power of Three Makes Sales More Certain

The Power of Three is a very simple idea that can really provide improved sales and marketing results.

What is the Power of Three?

The power of three is simple, but lets start with the number one. When you offer people one option .. or a take it or leave it option .. they have no choice and there is a high chance you fail to make a sale.

But give people several options and the choice goes from deciding if they want your course to deciding which option they want.

Sadly FE rarely offers people options that could sell more. But they could if they follow this advice.

Examples of the Power of Three Options

Say you are selling a First Aid course. The Power of Three in Selling First Aid Courses

Lots of colleges sell these courses and buyers decide on location and price. Where several providers exist in a buyers area they then often buy based on price alone.

The Power of Three says you should offer the standard course at a given price but then offer two further options. These could be based on anything to providing free coffee and or lunch to things like online QA after the course. Continue reading


Use Student Email to Produce a Detailed Customer Profile

Customer profile. Using a Phone Number or Email You Can Obtain Customer Profile Information Direct From the Facebook DatabaseUsing a Phone Number or Email You Can Obtain Customer Profile Information Direct From the Facebook Database

OK, thinking about your customer profile; you probably know how you can target audiences and  create lookalike audiences using an existing email list.

But did you know you can take an audience segment and get audience insights for that list? This is powerful customer profile data that really helps you boost sales and marketing.

You might decide you want to know more about 16-18 year olds that are on engineering or beauty courses.

Or perhaps you want to target employers that attended a particular event or college webinar (you are doing college webinars aren’t you?).

Once you do this you open the door to seeing where they live, their gender, age, interests etc. Continue reading


What is Psychological Nudging?

Psychological Nudging: The Government’s BehaviourImages of Eyes are useful for psychological nudgingal Insights Team, aka The Nudge Unit, has been in existence for many years, but few people know of it.  

However it can teach FE a thing or two about marketing and business development.

Psychological nudging is used by government to encourage us to do things we might not otherwise want to do. Things like pay their road tax.

A few years ago the Nudge Unit suggested that DVLA changed their normal long-winded letter to suspected non payers and sent a very simple message to those suspected on non payment. It simply said, Pay Your Road Tax or Lose Your Car.

Payments from previous non payers doubled.  And when a photo of the vehicle was added payments tripled.

Outside of government nudge methods  also work.  Where honesty boxes are used the level of non payment significantly drops if you put an image of a pair of eyes next to the box! Continue reading


Video Micro-Moments Drive Engagement and Sales

Google video micro moments

Graphic courtesy of Google

When customers, prospective students or employers look for answers to their problems, want to discover new things, or have to make decisions, they often go online for help. Google calls these times micro-moments.

We need to recognise that our customers are doing this on a wide range of devices when they go to  your website or app, and ….. increasingly ….. they’re happening on YouTube.

So providers need a strategy to engage with searchers at this time; the time when they want help and advice.

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Facebook Have Improved Their Advertising Options

Improved Facebook Advertising with Image SlidersFacebook recently changed their advertising to allow you to promote more than one product (course) or key message in one advert.

For example the adverts opposite use different images to promote a series of equine interests and hence key messages.

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How to turn off the Mobile ads function on Google Ads

custom_smart_phone_categories_12848(1)A few months ago Google made a few changes and put the Google Ads focus on mobile.

The problem is not everyone wants to promote to mobile users all the time.  In fact it makes great sense to split test between desktop and mobile users in many cases.

So how do you turn off mobile ads (Google don’t make this very easy)?

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The Two Types of Purchase in the Education Sector

How Can Your Prospects Measure Risk Marketing and Selling to Explorers and Experienced Buyers

When you think about it there are only two types of people that might want to do business with providers.

There are those that aren’t sure what we have to offer, but happen upon us or are exploring options and there are those that know exactly what we offer and want more of the same.

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Facebook Relevance Means Lower Advertising Costs

Facebook Relevance Score Reduces  Facebook Advertising Costs

Facebook Relevance Score Reduces Facebook Advertising Costs ……. Click to Enlarge

Facebook is the lowest cost advertising platform I currently use.

But how do you get low costs?

I’ve previously mentioned using animated video ads but there is another way.

Facebook is emulating Google.  It is rewarding relevance.  But that is as far as the concept goes as they both have totally different ideas of what constitutes relevance.  Facebook gauges it on the net effect of likes, posts being blocked etc.  They reason it is about how much people like your content.  Whether this is a good measure or not is immaterial.  The main thing is you can see how Facebook marks you on a scale of 1-10 .  The closer you get to ten the lower your advertising costs are.

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Animated Videos Attract Thousands of Students

Animated video is an excellent way to attract young people on FacebookAnimated Videos are being used by education and training providers to engage thousands of young people.  They are also being used to drive droves of employers to websites.



The secret they’ve discovered is how to use Animated Video on Facebook, where 50-70 second videos are being used to attract young people to a variety of careers.

Complex messages are also being simplified with the help of 100-120 second videos that are being posted on Facebook.  One recent campaign showed the two routes to HE.  One via A levels in a school Sixth form; the second being via vocational courses at the college, where the students would also gain practical experience and quals in an adult environment.

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Headlines Secrets for Email and Websites

Chef delivers fish dish to table There is a basic formula when writing email and website headlines you want maximum impact.

It is B+C =I

Simply translated for the non mathematical that means that Interest is a product of Benefits and Curiosity.

If anyone is going to be interested enough to read your website content or open your email you need to provoke curiosity and demonstrate some benefits.

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Do You Think Geographically As Well as Demographically?

Location Marketing Google’s research indicates that four out of five people use search to find local information.

From our research, at ProviderMasterMind, we find that most FE providers get 70% or more of their web traffic Google.

Put these two findings together and it is clear that Location based searches are important and you need to consider this when producing web pages.

But it isn’t just on the web that this type of behaviour occurs.

For years we’ve advertised local courses, for individuals and businesses, in local printed media.   A lot of advertisers didn’t realise it but the ads that worked best carried the location in their headlines.  And if your name contained a location that was even better e.g. Mytown College or MyTownTraining.

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Are You Using Auto-Research?

Using google Trends to boost Advertising and SalesNone of us have time to waste so automating certain tasks is an obvious way forward.

One such area is research.  Simple research tasks can be easily automated as the image on this page indicates.

I wanted to know if searches on Google for “Business Training” were static, on the up or nose diving.  This is how I did it.

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How To Add & Use Promotional Videos on Facebook

There are several ways you can use videos to promote your organisation or its courses  on Facebook.

Here are two methods I use most often.

The first is to just post a video on my account and let it take its chances.  This sometimes works when people start sharing it and/or if you also promote it on social media.  This is always worth a try before spending money on advertising.

Here’s how to add a video to your timeline

FB video ads: Starting on Your Timeline Assuming you are starting from your timeline you need to choose Photos .. its just below the elephants feet on my FB page.

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