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Stefan Drew in cartoon format

If you ever want a cartoon that will add impact or a twist to your website or literature then you can commission someone to produce it  .. or you can do the same job in 2-3 minutes online.  The cartoon of me on this page is by


It takes a image and converts it into a cartoon  .. although to be honest  I find the word cartoon slightly inaccurate.  In reality it does what you can do in Photoshop just as easy.  Having said that it will also convert the cartoon into a gif that smiles but I thought that in my case it was pretty grotesque!

But this isn’t the only site out there.  There are also sites than produce cartoon in particular styles ….. e.g. in the Simpsons style.

Better still there are some sites like that produce story boards and comic strips.  See the one at the top of  the page