How to Build Credibility With Business Clients … & Students

Creedibility is key to engsgring prospects and making sales. Selling to businesses, and indeed engaging students, isn’t just a sales activity.

In fact, if we try to use hard sales technique to prospective customers they will frequently avoid us like the plague.  You need credibility with your prospects and students. 

The thing is, we need to build credibility with business clients and students. We want businesses to regard us as a trusted partner; one that is there to help them rather than just to sell to them. We need to build these relationships at all levels. That includes building credibility and trust with key executives in these businesses.

Credibility is built over time, it doesn’t happen overnight. The problem is many of us don’t think we have the time to build these relationships.  But we need to remember that people buy from people for more often than they buy from organisations.

Building credibility isn’t as difficult as it may sound. For example, we can send updates on things like the latest legislation or business trends to prospective clients and customers alike. Do this on a regular basis and you appear as a credible business partner rather than a salesperson.

Credible employer  engagement and business development people think about their customers and determine the questions that are going on in the head of these customers. They then put together answers to those questions as posts or articles on their websites and blogs. Alternatively they can write information about those questions and send this to the prospective customers on a  regular basis.

This same simple process can also be carried out with prospective students. Think in terms of the four of five questions that students ask about college. It might be as simple as How do I get to college? or Which course should I take if I wish to be a plumber? Write simple authoritative answers to the simple questions. Post them on your website, post on social media and include them in your newsletters. You can also post them on the other sites that you know your employers and prospective students visit.

Sites like Whatuni maybe suitable for prospective Higher Education students, whilst specialist LinkedIn groups may be a better fit for employers.