What is a ChatBot or Bot?

Bots or Chatbots work 24/7 so you don't have to

Chatbots carry out repetitive admin tasks 24/7 .. they don’t just work in factories

Chatbots or bots are  an automated or semi-automated software tools that can carry out repetitive and mundane tasks 24/7. They are usually used as a communications tool.

Bots are very common and can undertake admin tasks such as answering emails. Other examples you will undoubtedly come across include the Googlebot. Google uses Googlebot to index the huge volumes of new content being uploaded to the web every second. Its a repetitive admin task that’s been automated with a bot.

Another example of bots are those used by various advertising platforms to split test your ads on Google, Facebook and in programmatic campaigns.

The most common bots are called Alexa, Siri, Cortana and are found on our phones and other devices such as Echo. these are examples of voice activated bots that give an audio reply.

Using Chatbots and bots in your organisation or business.

Until recently bots were only for the big boys. They were expensive, took time to programme and were beyond the reach of smaller organisations and businesses.

Today bots are really common and are low cost .. in fact a basic bot costs nothing at all. They are totally free to download and use.

Where can bots be used?

Almost anywhere is the answer. There are simple bots that work with Facebook Messenger.  These are simple to set up technically .. the skill is how you deploy them.

And many websites now use them. I’ve set simple chatbots up on quite a number of college websites … if you haven’t noticed them its because they have been set up really well.

The best bots use artificial intelligence and aren’t restricted to single platforms such as Facebook. They are platform agnostic.

You could use a bot to handle restaurant bookings or appointments, or to handle simple enquires such as dates, price queries, applications etc.

Over the next few weeks I’m going to be setting up 2-3 different bots on websites and demonstrating the steps I take. But as I said, setting them up is easy. It is the strategy behind their implementation that leads to mediocre results.

But where they are set up well, and used to qualify prospects into leads .. or answer simple repetitive questions … the success rate beats email by a factor of 4-7 (depending how good you are at email). An open rate of 80+% is quite common with a bot because they are not intrusive. They come in to play when people are already interested; when conversion rates can soar.

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