Being Noticed by the Media

How to get in the media Getting Noticed by the Media .. for the right reasons … is something all PR professionals want.

It normally means writing loads of media releases in the hope that a good percentage get used by the media.

Inevitably that means some of the PR effort falls on stony ground and is lost.  I well remember having some real good stories that were spiked after world events take control.  In March 2002 I planned a really great story.  It focused on an event that took place on the last Saturday in the month .. my front page story died when the Queen Mother died late that afternoon.

This is how you overcome the problem.

But what if you could cut out the wastage.  What if the media phoned you before you wrote the story?  Wouldn’t that be great?

It is also something that happens quite regularly if you plan ahead.  A few months ago I was interviewed on 5Live. Radio Berkshire and Radio Scotland in one week.  In each case the station phoned me and invited me to take part in a programme where I’d be interviewed as the “Expert” on a given topic.

The story was essentially the same in each case (about an interactive advert in Oxford Street, London).  To be honest I knew nothing about this advert before I was phoned .. but they still interviewed me.   The thing is they knew I was an expert on advertising.

This now happens about once a month .. and I’ve been heard on most BBC local radio stations and in over 100 countries overseas.  My opinions have also appeared on websites worldwide and in newspapers in places like Poland, Namibia, New Zealand, Canada, … the list is long.


So how does this affect you?


Colleges have hundreds of experts in a huge range of topics and journalists want to interview them.  the problem is matching up the journalist and expert as the story breaks.

That is what  does.  Run by media man, Bob Mills .. who has a long history with the ITN, Sky, local radio and elsewhere .. ExpertSources  is the UK’s most popular website for journalists needing to find expert comment on any subject.

They provide valuable editorial publicity for hundreds of media experts, specialists, organisations and COLLEGES  wishing to comment/be interviewed on any topic of news, current affairs, entertainment, sport & lifestyle features.

You can register up to six staff on a range of topics at ExpertSources for a nominal sum.  I get no commissions from Bob, but tell him I sent you.