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Which Colleges & Universities Impress You With Their Marketing?

I Love Learning How to Improve Education Marketing

So, I’m currently planning visits to a number of colleges and universities worldwide.

When I visited Cambridge University it snowed.

In Miami the sun shone and we felt as free as the birds.


Which international colleges and universities excel at marketing? What do they do different to their competitors? Where do you recommend I visit?

Please email me with your answers or invites. StefanDrew(@)



How Bots Can Improve Website Design

how bots improve website design Chatlines and Chatbots Can Provide Data Capable of Being Used to Improve Website Design

We all plan for our website to be perfect. But perfection is hard to attain and the best we can often hope for is a high quality site that answers all the questions we expect out target audience to ask.

But sadly we often miss essential questions. Especially those seasonal questions that come through by phone or chatline, but otherwise get missed.

How Questions Improve Website Design

If you take all the questions you are asked in a week or month (download them from your chatbot into a spreadsheet is a good idea). Then analyse them you will see certain trends developing. Continue reading


Using Fractals in FE marketing and Sales

20% of Your Businesses Are Probably Responsible for 80% of Your Turnover …. and Fractals Dictate There Are Huge Profit Opportunities With The 20%

Definition of a Fractal: a graphical curve or geometric figure, each part of which has the same statistical character as the whole.

Businesses and people are predictable, far more predictable than many people think. Economist Vilfredo Pareto was aware of this and described the Pareto Principal with regards income distribution.

But it applies to other situations as well. The Pareto Principle is actually a fractal in that the same relationship exists as you drill down through your business. 20% of your customers will either buy 80% of your goods or contribute 80% of your profits. And if that 20% you’ll find that 20% of them are super customers and contribute 80% of the 80%  ….. well you get the idea.

It takes some doing getting your head around this but it is important that you do because when it comes to profit not all customers are equal.

In business fractals are all around you. Take football, a huge number of people watch the game in the pub. It cost s them a glass of beer. Of these people 20% can be persuaded to buy a ticket to go to a game. 20% of them will buy a season ticket. 20% of them will take a box. And a few of them will buy a club!

Of course 20% doesn’t hold true in every single case but you get the idea I’m sure. There is a,ways a percentage that can be unsold to the next level.

So what are up you doing to tap into these sales?


Six SEO Things Google Doesn’t Care About

Can Anyone Guarantee Getting you On Page One of Google? How easy is it to get on Page One of Google? Google Doesn't CareSEO is a Black Art Laced with Science, Smoke, Mirrors and Things Google Doesn’t Care About.

Its easy to believe the old myths about SEO and what Google is looking for but most of this is pure myth.

The reality is that Google is looking for just one thing .. User Experience (UX).

If it provides searchers with a better UX then Google is interested  .. otherwise .. Google Doesn’t Care.

Check Out the Video to see the SEO Myths

Have you visited our UnderFunded Education site?


Is WebChat the Same as a Bot?

Is WebChat the Same as a Bot?

WebChat and Bots Are Not the Same

WebChat has been around for years. In some senses it is a bot, in that it is an automated system.

You type some copy and when you click it goes to the chat agent who responds if they are there. But that’s as far as it normally goes.

But we recommend an updated type of web chat that operates 24/7.

Continue reading


How FE Can Use OmniAdvertising to Advantage

Advertising is far more powerful if the audience get a consistent message across all channels.

That means, for example, print adverts should be converted into 6-10 second ads for social media.

That ads should point at relevant webpages where they are repeated.

We call this OmniAdvertising

How to Use OmniAdvertising

OmniAdvertising is being used by commercial companies like Clinique where responses rates have increased by 68%.

The secret is to use consistent messages across all platforms

Plan your print ads with Omniadvertising video shorties in mind

Convert print ads to video shorties …. Just like the one we made on Animal Care courses.. it’s embeded in the following one minute video


Stefan Drew on The Magic of Specialising

Setting up a new business doesn’t happen just like that.

A degree of specialisation is needed. But what can you specialise in and did we all start that way?


Listen to the audio to discover more


FE Recruitment, Admissions and Enrollment

How Does Your Online Applications “Shopping Trolley” Affect FE Application Rates?

This is just one of the topics I tackle in the latest UnderFunding FE Exclusives Page.

Discover More by Clicking on the Following Graphic

FE Recruitment, Admissions and Enrollment


How to Build a Successful Platform Without Email

Keeping In Contact With Customers & Prospects Without Email

In this post I want to share a recording I did with my colleague Ian Brodie. Ian is Mr Email and wrote the definitive book on the subject. So me saying I don’t use email is an interesting proposition for an interview.

Did sparks fly? Of course not.

But you might find a few thoughts that create flames for you and your business.

[Podcast] Stefan Drew on How He Built a Successful Platform Without Email Marketing


Caring for Customers is Like Painting Your Premises

Caring for Customers is Like Painting Your PremisesWe’ve Painted Our Premises And It Looks Great. 

Well, Caring for Customers is Like Painting Your Premises

In some senses it felt like a waste of time and money as we went for the same colour as before. Continue reading


Why You Should Consider Using Automated Business Processing Bots

Want to Speed Up Your Business Admin? Then Consider Using Automated Business Processing Bots

Years ago Michael Hammer said we should not automate, we should obliterate. By which he meant we should get rid of the business processes that aren’t needed.

He was correct in one sense. But we should now automate all the boring, mundane, repetitive processes we can.

The video below explains more.


Are Education & Training Bots Such a Huge Change?

Are Education & Training Bots Such a Huge Change

I Was Recently Asked Are Education & Training Bots Such a Huge Change

I Was Recently Asked “Are Education & Training Bots Such a Huge Change?”

My answer is given in one of my One Minute Video Answers and you’ve probably got a minute to check it out!


Why You Shouldn’t Delegate

Why You Shouldn't Delegate

We Are Told To Delegate, To Outsource, To Do Less Ourselves. But Here’s Why You Shouldn’t Delegate

We Are Told To Delegate, To Outsource, To Do Less Ourselves. But Here’s Why You Shouldn’t Delegate

If you delegate everything you miss huge busienss growth opportunities. You also lose the opportunity to spot what isn’t working in your business.

This short video explains it all … viewing time is about a minute.


Offering Instalment Payments Increases Sales & Profits


Offering Instalment Payments Increases Sales & Profits

Listen up!
Offering Instalment Payments Increases Sales & Profits

One Way To Make More Business Profits is to Consider How Offering Instalment Payments Increases Sales & Profits

The video below explains this in more detail but essentially if you let people pay by installments they find the cost more affordable .. even if you charge more for this facility.

The thing is they anchor the cost on the installments cost and not on the total cost. I know it sounds weird but its a fact.


Can AI Be Used to Produce Videos?

Can AI Be Used to Produce Videos?As Bots, AI and Natural Language Sequencing Grows in Popularity, Can They Be Used to Produce Videos?

So to Answer the Question; Can AI Be Used to Produce Videos?

Yes, our AI powered bots are now producing videos. They use website copy to automatically produce the script and. They then select keywords from that script to select images from a vast collection of photos and can even find suitable music from similar music databases.

Over time the system’s AI learns to improve image selection.

These videos are ideal as video teasers to take someone from an online ad or social media to a full webpage where the sales funnel or conversion process can continue.

This type of video is proving very successful in attracting initial attention.

Where a longer video is required we recommend making a series of mini videos that can then be run in sequence. About one minute seems to be the ideal length for each min video.

Want to see the quality of these videos?

Here are a couple we made earlier.




How Offering Instalment Payments Increases Sales & Profits

If You Have to Choose Between Full Cost and Instalment Plans … the Latter Significantly Increases Sales & Profits

It’s another Price Anchoring Effect .. or at least a spin off.

See the video for more info.


Pricing Psychology: How to Use Number Facts to Increase Sales

Pricing Psychology Can be Used to Increase Sales. The Technique Described in this Video Uses the Psychology Surrounding “Number Facts” to Maximise Sales

Research shows that our brains are hardwired with mathematical and arithmetical facts learnt in our first school years. This makes the processing of numbers much easier when we are presented with a limited number of related figures (operands).

The impact of sales, both on and off line can be significant if this strategy  is sensitively applied.


Pricing Strategy: Price Anchoring

Price Anchoring is a pricing strategy based on the work of Daniel Kahneman and Amos Tversky

Price Anchoring is a pricing strategy based on the work of Daniel Kahneman and Amos Tversky

Price Anchoring is a pricing strategy based on the work of Daniel Kahneman and Amos Tversky 

If you want to sell a watch for £2,000 and the best way to get people to recognise its value is to place it next to a £10,000 watch. This will price anchor it.

The reason why this works is a common cognitive bias called anchoring. Anchoring works because we tend to fixate on the first price we see and reference value on that when evaluating the value of similar products or services. In some senses Anchoring distorts our sense of value. Clearly the above works best if the potential purchased sees the £10,000 watch before they see the lower priced one. Continue reading


Pricing Strategies: How To Display Prices in a Small Font to Maximise Sales

Few Providers Use This Pricing Strategy. They Need to Know How To Display Prices in a Small Font .. and More Importantly, Why They Should Do Use a Small Font

I often suggest FHE institutions should consider this Pricing Strategy for Full Cost Courses …. because it works.

See How To Display Prices in a Small Font to Maximise Sales


Are Bots Better Than Trainers?

I Suspect Trainers Will Be Around for Years .. But Bots Could Replace Them Longer Term


This is a complex and emotional topic. To learn more visit Are Bots Better Than Trainers  on the FE News website.