Are You Using Auto-Research?

Using google Trends to boost Advertising and SalesNone of us have time to waste so automating certain tasks is an obvious way forward.

One such area is research.  Simple research tasks can be easily automated as the image on this page indicates.

I wanted to know if searches on Google for “Business Training” were static, on the up or nose diving.  This is how I did it.

So I set up an automated search on Google Trends.  An email in my inbox provided the result.  It appears that in the last week in the UK there has been an 130% increase in searches for this term.  With this knowledge it is easy to dig a bit deeper and discover what forms of business training are being searched for and to then capitalise on this.

If, for example, we see that Food Hygiene courses are being searched for we could write more good content on this and related topics and drive more traffic to our sales pages, advertise online or offline or perhaps run a promo via email for a topic that we know people are searching for.

This is a way to capture LMI (Labour Market Intelligence) and use it very quickly to drive sales.

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