Alternatives to a Hard Copy Prospectus

The cWhat alternatives to the printed prospectus exist?

It is easy to think digital .. but what about the practicalities, what are the alternatives to publishing a hard copy prospectus?

More and more providers are either relying totally on digital or blending digital with a reduced print run or smaller, less detailed, hard copy prospectus.

In either case a good website makes life much easier but there is more to it than this.  Here is a list of just a handful of the hundreds of different digital methods you could use.


Social media

I don’t mean random posts on Facebook etc.  I mean a systematic campaign that really taps into the local population and as far beyond as you need to go.  For example if you go for Facebook it will be one that consists of posts, adverts, likes etc. that target people by gender, location, age, interests and much more.  This will provide you with a wealth of “big data” on which to build future campaigns.

Video, YouTube & Beyond

Don’t just rely on the standard college video.  Sadly colleges want these more than your prospects and viewing numbers reflect this fact.  I’m not saying don’t produce corporate videos as they are important, but the videos that get a high number of views, subscribes and likes are those that focus on things like how to use a piece of equipment or undertake a particular task.  They are How To videos and can be levered to get huge quantities of traffic and more recruitment than any standard College video.

So think about producing both the corporate video and a range of “How to” videos.


Whereas YouTube is the second largest search engine in the world the iPlayer also has a lot of fans. Here you can find music, video and podcasts.  Business and information podcasts are a hidden treasure of traffic and followers and can drive young people and businesses to your website.


I’m not convinced by apps in this situation. There is a role for an app but I don’t think it is here when it is far easier to use things like Kindle where an app already exists.


Kindle is a powerful digital tool and amazingly although there are several books on Kindle, aimed at students, few if any colleges have really taken this on board and have launched a Kindle prospectus.

This is a pity as a from Kindle prospectus can be produced at nil cost and downloaded by anyone with a Kindle or Kindle app on another device.

Production is via an online page and copy is uploaded from Word.  Images can be added.  Students can download it fast and it is easy to keep up to date simply by uploading new copy.  Amazon will even let people know there is an updated version where necessary.

Future Prospectus Technologies

The future is unlikely to be pure hard copy or pure digital but a blend that captures the best of both.  The reality however will be that the customer will dictate the format they want.   This might not be the same for all markets or all parts of the country.  We will need to watch our own trends to discover what our customers want.