Animated Videos Attract Thousands of Students

Animated video is an excellent way to attract young people on FacebookAnimated Videos are being used by education and training providers to engage thousands of young people.  They are also being used to drive droves of employers to websites.



The secret they’ve discovered is how to use Animated Video on Facebook, where 50-70 second videos are being used to attract young people to a variety of careers.

Complex messages are also being simplified with the help of 100-120 second videos that are being posted on Facebook.  One recent campaign showed the two routes to HE.  One via A levels in a school Sixth form; the second being via vocational courses at the college, where the students would also gain practical experience and quals in an adult environment.

Using Animated Videos on Facebook is Very Effective.

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What is even better news is that cost per engagement or video view can be very low as this image demonstrates.

Young people love animated videos on Facebook and share them with their peers.

The technique also means that competitor providers can’t see the marketing activity taking place.

The use of remarketing, custom audiences and lookalike audiences are also fully utilised in the campaigns being run.

See a typical animated video being used to promote beauty courses on Facebook this month.

Is this a form of promotion you need to use on Facebook, your website or other social media platforms?  Contact me for more details about how it works.