Advertising Cost Gender Bias

Advertising costs vary by gender targetHave you noticed that the cost of advertising to women and men is different.

I don’t mean traditional advertising in the printed media or on outdoor sites.  I mean PPC; where you precisely target ads by age, interest, location, gender etc.


Gender Based Case Study from Facebook

Consider the Facebook Newsfeed campaign I’m presently running.

My objective is to get people to click through to a landing page on my website.  But I’m split testing,  i.e. I use the same image and copy and and the same target criteria but run two versions of the advert.  The difference between the versions is gender based.

The results are interesting.  The ad where I target females gets more than double the number of clicks than the same advert targeted at males.  The other difference is cost.  I’m charged approx 50% less for clicks where the ads target females.

But it isn’t that simple …

It would be easy to change focus and only target women; that would cut my costs in half or double the response for the existing budget.

But tht would be a big mistake.  The real test is the cost has to be the ROI when the cost of conversion/acquisition is judged against “sales”.

If none of the females “buy” then there is no point spending money on this part of the campaign ….  so don’t make the mistake of judging your spend solely on cost per click.

However it is interesting to see such a significant difference in the Facebook results.  My next move is use Google Analytics to calculate the cost of sales to males and females and I’ll make a judgement based on this.

But these results should certainly be enough to get us thinking about our marketing ROI.

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